Life during a lockdown has a different kind of rhythm than the life we were all accustomed to. Even though it is the second time we are in lockdown it is still difficult to adjust to this new normality, and that’s ok. While we are all trying to stay safe, during the lockdown, we can expect new challenges to arise. Most of us try to deal with it by staying distracted and occupied. But at some point, during our extreme efforts to stay productive and keep a daily routine, we forget the most important thing, that is to be kind to ourselves. World Kindness Day, reminds us just that.

Today is the World Kindness Day! During this unsettling time of uncertainty and often loneliness, it serves as the perfect reminder to take care of ourselves, starting with small acts of kindness and self-love. While right now it seems there’s so little we can control, what we can do during lockdown is to protect our mental and emotional health from stressors and anxiety. 

The ability to emotionally cope with the changes imposed on us by self-isolation is something we should all try to cultivate. So how can we create balance, release pressure and be kind to ourselves as we try to get through the second lockdown? How do we move through feelings of helplessness, fear, and uncertainty to more positive feelings of gratitude, acceptance, and self-love? We at ilapothecary are here to help you with a list of practices that will shield you of negativity and practice self-kindness. Even if you don’t feel too uncomfortable yet try them and pamper yourself this World Kindness Day.

1. Meditate

Calm your restless mind with some quiet moments. The practice of meditation helps with much more than stress and anxiety. As you learn to focus on your breathing and body, you train your mind to redirect negative thoughts and stay present in the moment. Every Monday, we meet online with the ilapothecary community and practice meditation together. Inspired by World Kindness Day take the opportunity to join us this coming Monday 16th of November. We focus on our hearts. Exploring our authenticity and opening our hearts to love, compassion and kindness. Creating love for ourself and love for others. Our therapist, meditation practitioner and energy healer Tara Dowd will help you reconnect, feel more centered and start your week with a positive mindset.

2. Establish a Relaxing Night-time Routine

Maintaining a sleep cycle is of the most important things to do during the lockdown. What most of us misunderstand is that to get a restorative high-quality sleep it is imperative to follow the right night-time routine. How? Shut down all your devices that emit blue light at least two hours before bed, take a relaxing bath with a few drops of our Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak and just before you slip under the sheets gently massage your neck, shoulders, or temples with a small portion of the SOS Body Balm. Ready for a deep and restorative sleep!

3. Do a Digital Detox

During lockdown that most aspects of our daily lives revolve around screens, it is more important than ever to do a daily digital detox. Try giving up all digital devices for a set period every day! Instead take a short walk outside or practice breathing exercises. During the day and while you’re working from home, keep our Digital Face Mist handy. An enlivening, remedial facial spritz which reboots both your skin and mind and protect your skin from photoaging and inflammation created by digital pollution. Take some deep breaths, stretch, and roll your shoulders. Spritz yourself with 2-3 sprays from a comfortable distance.


4. Try Breathing Exercises

Nadi Shodhana also known as “Alternate Nostril Breathing” is a simple but incredibly powerful technique to calm the mind, body. It is a particularly helpful technique that can help you ease your busy mind and provide you with comfort if you are experiencing anxiety, stress, or have trouble falling asleep.

Step 1

Take a comfortable and tall seat, making sure your spine is straight and your heart is open.

Place your left palm comfortably on your lap and bring your right hand in front of your face bringing the pointer and middle finger to rest between your eyebrows.

Step 2

Keep your eyes closed and breathe deeply in and out through your nose.

Step 3

Close your right nostril with your right thumb. Slowly inhale through the left nostril.  

Step 4

Close the left nostril with your right ring finger, so both nostrils are held closed, hold your breath at the top of the inhale for a brief pause.

Step 5

Open your right nostril, and release the breath slowly through the right side, pause briefly at the bottom of the exhale. Repeat the inhalation process and exhale slowly through your left nostril 

Step 6

Repeat steps 3-6 for 5-10 cycles alternating between the right and left nostril and allowing your mind to follow your breathing

5. Use Scent to Comfort your Body & Mind

Stop racing thoughts and stay calm and balanced during the day with the help of aromatherapy. Try our best seller Beat the Blues Pulse Point. An alchemical blend of essential oils known to balance the mood, boost self-esteem, ease frustration, and help revitalise and stimulate happiness. The sedating Tuberose will help soothe your nerves dispel emotional anguish. A precious tool during this lockdown, roll generously on wrists or neck and let the shuttle aromas comfort your soul.

Book an Online Holistic Consultation with Aneta Beasly our own experienced Massage Therapist, Ayuverdic Consultant and Practitioner. As a specialist Ayuverdic health consultant Aneta aims to inspire you to go beyond your mental or physical limitations and get back to your true nature using 100% natural tools. Your consultation will be tailored to heal your physical or emotional needs and the process will be individually designed to bring out the best of you.   

Book a free Online Product Consultation with Dagamara

At ilapothecary we are always here to support you, especially during the stressful period of lockdown. Our store will remain closed but we are still here to heal you.  Our Store Manager, in-house facialist and massage therapist Dagmara, will be offering 15min online product consultations free of charge. Whether it is lockdown stress or sleeping issues, during your personal online session she will listen to your needs and help you find the perfect match from our Products with Purpose according to your personal needs, and share the best daily rituals for a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, you will receive 15% off those selected products! You can choose the time to book in with her, on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.

Whether you choose an online consultation or wish to join our weekly meditation classes, always remember to be kinder to yourself, you deserve it! Best way to celebrate World Kindness Day!

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