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Smelling of Roses Hand Cream
ilapothecary brings a rose garden to your hands. Feel the power of Roses in our NEW Smelling of Roses Hand Cream. 100% Natural. Paraben-free. Vegan. Gluten-free. Suitable for pregnancy. Not tested on animals. No petrochemicals. Only nature's preservatives SHOP NOW
100% Natural
Products with Purpose
Infused with Powerful
Remedial Ingredients
face mist protective aura cream and fresh faced mud cleaner products Too much screen time? DIGITAL
SHOP NOW All you need to cleanse and recharge your face, mind, body and space from the digital effects
SHOP NOW Cutting Edge Synergy of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbology & Phyto-Actives body scrub feminine oil and sos body balm products MOODY? HORMONAL BALANCE SHOP NOW Mood-balancing products
to soothe mind & body
SHOP NOW Our Products are Infused
with Powerful Remedial Ingredients
to Counteract the Stresses of Modern Living,
Environmental and Digital Pollution,
Mental Stress and Body Fatigue
room fragrance products AWARDED BEAT THE BLUES SHOP NOW Therapeutic alchemical mood balancing products that uplift, revitalise & help stimulate happiness
SHOP NOW The perfect daily boost!
This awarded therapeutic alchemical mood balancing and uplifting range, is composed of transformative essential oils.
SHOP NOW Looking to rejuvenate, detoxify and deeply nourish your skin? Would you like your skin to look radiant, healthy and smooth? We are very excited to introduce you to our new unsung skincare superhero Save-Face Serum! SHOP NOW This awarded therapeutic alchemical mood balancing and uplifting range, is composed of transformative essential oils.


Beat The Blues Room Spray


SOS Pearl Drops


SOS Body Balm


Vitamin A, C, D & E Rich Face Oil

  • #BeatTheBlues Pouch

  • #DigitalDetox Pouch

  • Save-Face Serum

  • Speak Your Truth Aroma Roller


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