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How to start self-healing

How to start self-healing

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity” — these were the words of Hippocrates way back in ~400 BC. And yet, amidst our modern, busy lifestyles, we seem to have forgotten that healing is a process. If you cut your finger or burn your hand, you can apply an ointment and wear a plaster. But you still can’t control the speed at which your body heals — it takes as long as it takes. The same can be said for emotional repair; emerging from the dark cloud of depression or letting go of anger requires going through the motions. And yet, how you choose to heal is a personal choice. As a practice, self-healing is rooted in the belief that we can guide our own emotional healing; inspired by our intuition and in-tune with our inner voice.

Keep reading to discover six easy, yet effective, ways in which you can incorporate self-healing practices into your daily life, and restore your heart and soul back to health.

6 self-healing habits to start today

1. Take good care of your skin

Have you ever heard the Latin expression “mens sana in corpore sano”? Essentially, it means that in order to enjoy good mental health, you should take good care of your body.

And what better way to care for your body than by starting from the largest organ of the body: your skin?

Build your own skincare routine and incorporate only products that are gentle to your skin and formulated using natural, organic ingredients.

2. Create your relaxing ritual

If the word “ritual” sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t be alarmed — a relaxing ritual can be as simple as a long, indulgent shower or cocooning in a bubble bath fragranced with oils.

Similarly, you might want to create a soothing, sleep-conducive bedtime routine by switching off all your electronic devices, lighting a mood-enhancing candle, practicing a few minutes of meditation and finishing with a slow yoga flow.

3. Spend time surrounded by nature

Self-healing isn’t a passive activity; exercise can be equally as important as rest and relaxation.

If you can, try and go for a walk every day to a nearby park, and take a moment to soak in all the beautiful, peaceful sights and sounds.

For those living in inner cities, this could even be just opening your window in the morning, connecting yourself with the outside world while sipping your cup of tea, or going for a walk to your nearest park. Feel the crisp winter air, delicate raindrops, or sunshine on your skin and imagine its healing qualities permeating your being. Watch the sky, the trees, the flowers and just… breathe.

4. Treat yourself to a self-massage

Massages are a fantastic way to promote self-healing processes.

Make sure that you have some good quality massage oil, some aromatherapy candles or self-healing plant essences, and a few, uninterrupted minutes of spare time.

Pull your hair up and start by applying your massage oil to the back of your neck and your upper back and shoulders. With your hands, perform circular movements back and forth to release any tension. For added benefits, try to visualise pain and tension soaking away.

5. Tap into your creative side

Creativity is a great tool to use in self-healing practices.

To many people, creativity is a form of therapy. By unlocking our creative side, we can express our emotions in a way that other life situations simply won’t allow us to do. This can be particularly helpful when recovering from a loss or traumatic event.

If you decide to engage in a creative activity, there are two simple things to bear in mind.

First of all, you can do anything you fancy. Playing an instrument, writing a poem or a journal entry, painting or drawing, making a collage — it’s all valid and it’s all incredibly powerful.

Second, the result of your creative endeavours doesn’t matter, so don’t focus too much on being perfect! What really matters is that by letting your imagination and creativity take the lead, you will foster your self-healing in a very meaningful way.

6. Voice your feelings

Is there anything more healing than voicing your truth? Try to avoid negative thoughts sitting and lingering in your mind; instead, speak to a friend, family member or therapist. This still counts as ‘self-healing’ because you are purposefully taking steps to lighten your emotional load.

A problem shared is a problem halved, as they say, so don’t feel you have to go it alone.

We’re here for you on your self-healing journey

At ilapothecary, we are always by your side when it comes to holistic well-being. For more mood-boosting insights, visit our blog: ‘Tips and techniques to uplift your mood and fight depression’.

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