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Aromatherapy Massage Benefits

Aromatherapy Massage Benefits

Have you, like the vast majority of British people, placed health and fitness at the top of your New Year’s resolutions for 2022? Well, if you want to reach holistic wellness — and maintain it throughout the year — then this article is for you. But don’t expect to read about yet another diet or fitness regime, because we are going to reveal the astonishing power of something else: aromatherapy massage benefits.

What is aromatherapy, exactly?

When we talk about “aromatherapy”, we refer to the ancient practice, used for thousands of years by many cultures, of using natural plant oils and extracts to enhance our physical and emotional wellbeing.

A fusion of ancient practice, art, and science art and science, aromatherapy has gained increasingly greater recognition from experts within the medical and scientific worlds. This is because its life-improving effects have been identified and confirmed time and time again through many peer-reviewed studies.

… And what about aromatherapy massage?

Aromatherapy massage is performed by blending essential oils and plant extracts with traditional massage oils to balance, harmonise and promote higher-quality and positive health for positive benefits, improving both your physical and mental well-being.

This creates a powerful combination that is smelt and absorbed by the skin during the massage, while releasing all the powers of natural essences to benefit both the body and the mind.

Aromatherapy massage benefits: all you need to know

Treating yourself to an aromatherapy massage is a safe, natural and wonderful way to look after yourself — particularly during periods of high stress, anxiety or tension.

Some of the most acclaimed aromatherapy massage benefits include:

  • Physical healing power: whether you suffer from sore joints, stiff muscles or are recovering from an illness or from surgery, aromatherapy massage can promote the healing process.
  • Heightened relaxation: the essential oils used in aromatherapy help you to reach a deeper and more beneficial state of bodily relaxation.
  • Enhanced mood and positive emotional wellbeing: similarly, the essential oils also work as mood boosters, particularly if you suffer from conditions like anxiety or depression.
  • Pain and inflammation reduction: if you are currently in any physical pain — including, for example, menstrual and cycle-related pain, headaches or arthritis — having regular aromatherapy massage can decrease soreness.
  • Sleep improvement: aromatherapy massage has also been found to enhance sleep, whether you experience chronic insomnia or are going through a period of poor-quality sleep or other sleep disturbances.

Aromatherapy massage benefits with diffuser oils

There are several different ways to harness the healing power of aromatherapy during a massage.

Some massage therapists choose essential oils, others opt for pure plant extracts or aromatherapy herbs, while others swear by diffuser oils. All these methods are effective when it comes to releasing the natural benefits of aromatherapy, but at ilapothecary we are particularly fond of diffuser essential oils.

With a diffuser, the essential oils are placed inside the diffusing device. This breaks them down into minuscule molecules and gently and gradually disperses them into the air.

Diffusing aromatherapy oils doesn’t just create a lovely scent in the room where the diffuser is located, but it also generates all the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy.

When it comes to choosing a diffuser for your aromatherapy experience, you have three main options:

  • Nebulising diffusers: these diffusers transform essential oils into tiny particles that get released into the air. Nebulisers require more essential oils but generally have a shorter duration.
  • Ultrasonic diffusers: these are devices that feature an oscillating plate that, through subtle vibrations, releases a cool mist.
  • Passive diffusers: these include reed diffusers, ceramic diffusers and oil warmers, which gently disperse essential oils for longer periods of time compared to nebulisers.

Why not treat yourself to a healing aromatherapy massage?

You won’t ever go wrong indulging in a healing aromatherapy massage.

Harnessing all the natural, wonderfully-scented powers of essential oils and plant extracts, aromatherapy massage benefits are many and wide-ranging. Pain reduction, stress and anxiety relief and sleep improvement are just a few of the things you stand to gain.

And if you would like to bring some of these fantastic benefits straight into your home, then why not opt for one of our essential oil diffusers? That way, you will be able to recreate the relaxing, healing and invigorating atmosphere that you felt during your aromatherapy massage.

For even more tips and advice on all things wellness, make sure to check out the rest of our blog posts today.

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