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Best Stay-at-home date ideas for Valentine’s Day

Best Stay-at-home date ideas for Valentine’s Day

Whether or not you have a significant other in your life right now, Valentine’s Day can represent an opportunity to slow down, get cosy, and show your partner (or yourself!) some much-needed TLC. And where better to do so than in your own home — the space you create for yourself; you’re own little love nest? Keep reading for our pick of the best’ stay at home’ date ideas for couples, valentines, and self-care lovers alike.

Wake up, my Valentine!

Few things say “Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you” like a delicious homemade breakfast. The options are virtually endless, but at ilapothecary we do love taking old breakfast favourites and giving them a healthy spin.

For example, why not swap those super-sugary pancakes for wholesome oat and banana ones? They are so simple to make, and so absolutely yummy, that it’s almost a shame to share.

Serve with a side of maple syrup or organic honey and add a dollop of Greek yogurt for some more guilt-free sweetness.

Prefer a savoury breakfast? A fantastic option for a healthy and scrumptious brunch in bed could be poached eggs on toasted sourdough bread, with a side of salmon and avocado salad. Remember to prepare cups of tea or coffee, too, or a tasty coconut milk smoothie.

Release the tension

Yes, we are talking about massages! Couple’s massages are romantic and sensual; perfect for a memorable Valentine’s Day at home. You’ll simply need to take turns with your partner in giving each other a luxurious, relaxing massage, perhaps before taking a bath together.

To create a really dreamy atmosphere, light up a fragrant candle, play some soft music, and soak some magnesium salts in a warm bath.

Now, close your eyes and invite your partner to do the same. Doesn’t it feel like you are both treating yourselves to a glorious spa day, away from all the stressors of everyday life?

Small gifts can have big meaning

If there’s any day in the year where heartfelt gestures matter most, it’s Valentine’s Day. So let go of the need to spend lots of money, because the gifts that say how you really feel can’t be valued by the price tag alone.

Ask yourself: what would your loved one really benefit from? A way to recover from the stressors of modern life. The opportunity to totally unwind in a steaming hot bath, while you tidy up the house. An extra hour or two in bed, wrapped in fresh bedsheets, and essential oils filling the air in a way that aids their slumber?

The fact that you’ve taken their needs into consideration — and found a gift with purpose — will mean so much more than you can imagine.

Walking in the moonlight

The days are getting longer and lighter, but the sun still sets quite early, which means you can head out for a romantic, moonlit walk just before dinner.

It doesn’t need to be anywhere far or fancy — a simple stroll around your neighbourhood, hand in hand, has the power to make you both feel as connected and in love as you were when you first met.

The ultimate “I love me” day

Valentine’s Day can, and should, still be a day worth celebrating even if you are currently not in a relationship. There is so much you can do to show yourself some love — you deserve it!

Start the day with a nourishing, comforting breakfast, followed by an invigorating walk in the great outdoors. Stop for lunch at your favourite café and get your favourite drink. Today is all about feeling good.

Once back home, it’s time to engage in something creative, whatever that may be. Take this moment to unleash your imagination and tap into your creative side by drawing, writing, painting, playing an instrument or simply reading a book.

Finish this day of self-care with a warm, bubbly bath, some sleep-friendly yoga stretches and a lo-fi playlist gently lulling you to sleep.

A slice of Valentine’s Day every day

At ilapothecary, we care about your holistic wellbeing every single day of the year.

Our self-care products feature all-natural ingredients; the most powerful of Mother Nature’s essential oils and plants to make you feel every inch as special as you are. Follow us on Instagram for a (nearly) daily dose of affirmation and the ilapothecary blog is always available to you, 24 hours a day.

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