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What is Amethyst and how can it benefit your skin?

What is Amethyst and how can it benefit your skin?

Are you a lover of crystals and gemstones? Do you believe in the specific meanings and healing powers of precious and semi-precious stones? We are — and we do. Take Amethyst crystal, for example. This beautiful, purple gemstone is February’s birthstone and has long been believed to yield many benefits to those who wear it, use it or keep it close.

Fancy discovering more about Amethyst and what it can do for your holistic wellbeing (including tired, dull, irritated skin)? Our guide right here has got you covered.

What is Amethyst?

Let’s begin with the name itself. “Amethyst” comes from the Greek term “amethystos”, meaning “remedy against intoxication”. And yet, in early Greek mythology, Amethyst was often connected with Bacchus, the god of wine. It seems unusual pairing: a remedy against intoxication or with an intoxicating drink. So, what’s the historic link?

Aside from Amethyst’s purple hue — much like the colour of gorgeous, deep Shiraz — the ancient Greeks believed that drinking wine from goblets decorated with Amethyst studs would keep the excesses and sickness associated with drunkenness at bay.

Amethyst’s calming, sobering influence has continued to be a popular belief throughout the centuries, while the stunning beauty of this crystal has attracted countless generations of royals.

Soldiers have even been known to wear Amethyst in battle; to help them stay focused, feel brave and remain powerful!

But Amethyst is also the stone that symbolises pure, stable, everlasting love and affection — which explains why it later became associated with Valentine’s Day, and the month of February in general.

From a more metaphysical point of view, Amethyst is thought to help people open their third eye, which is regarded as the ultimate way to access inner power and wisdom. For this reason, people have been using Amethyst for centuries to boost their spirituality and work towards enlightenment.

Placing Amethyst crystals around the house, for example, is considered to be an effective way to absorb all the negative energy in the air and contribute to the creation of a tranquil, positive and serene atmosphere.

And if you thought that the impressive properties of Amethyst ended here, then you might need to think again. This gorgeous crystal, in fact, is also one of your skin’s best friends — keep reading to find out why.

Amethyst and skincare: a powerful, healing connection

Does your skin need some extra TLC, particularly in the chilly winter months? Amethyst can come to the rescue.

This crystal’s calming, healing and empowering properties, in fact, are believed to transfer from the mind to the body, and specifically the skin, when Amethyst is used topically as part of a daily skincare routine.

By using it regularly, you could see soothed, brightened and oxygenated skin, thanks to the crystal’s reputation for boosting collagen production, reducing puffiness, redness, and swelling, and diminishing stress and tension.

You might wonder, though: “How exactly do I incorporate a gemstone into my skincare regime? And how should I use it?”

Let’s unravel this together.

How to use it for skincare benefits

Amethyst can feature in your daily skincare habits at any time of day, dawn until dusk! That said, it is widely believed that the Amethyst crystal is best used during evening hours, and especially at the end of a busy, stressful day.

That’s because the stone is known to restore your body and rebalance your aura — two elements that are believed to be negatively affected by the screens that we use throughout the day.

If you have no trouble falling asleep, but tend to dip in energy during the day, then keep your Amethyst products always close to hand. You might benefit from a spritz of Amethyst face mist while sat at your desk, to encourage a much-needed regenerating and detoxifying effect. Not only this, but your skin will feel uplifted too: an Amethyst-based face mist is believed to soothe inflamed skin by reducing puffiness while stimulating regeneration, helping to brighten your complexion.

As you can see, adding it to your daily skincare and wellness rituals is an incredibly easy thing to do — but one that could have truly transformative results on your body and your mind.

Unlock the healing power of Amethyst; your skin’s new ally

At ilapothecary, we care about your holistic wellbeing, and we are passionate about respectfully and sustainably harnessing what Mother Nature has to offer to live a happier, healthier life.

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