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Digital detox: How to escape digital reality

Digital detox: How to escape digital reality

What do the first 60 minutes of your day usually look like? If you’re anything like the rest of us, there will be a hot cup of coffee or tea and, within no time at all, you’ll have both eyes transfixed on a phone, TV or computer. At the same time, however, your children might be asking for a morning cuddle, your partner could be cooking you breakfast, and the most incredible sunrise is likely unfolding right outside your window. Yes, we know that you are reading this on a screen, but hear us out. As soon as you have finished with this article, we urge you to switch off your device and start your daily digital detox.

Are you ready to take a well-deserved break from screens, apps, and blue lights and reap the wonderful benefits?

What is a digital detox?

It’s no secret that digital addiction is real — and it affects an increasingly high number of people.

As with all addictions, this comes with its own set of issues; poor sleep quality, relationship problems, a breakdown of the skin’s collagen supply, unbalanced mental and physical wellbeing, to name just a few.

This is exactly why we should all allow ourselves to go screen-free for a period of time, every day: a daily digital detox. The benefits that you’ll experience are virtually endless, but let’s take a look at some of the most significant.

What are the benefits of a digital detox?

Disconnect from the online world just for a few minutes every day, and see how your quality of life improves.

Sleep is one of the first aspects of your life to quickly benefit from a digital detox. As you might know, the blue lights emitted by digital screens can wreak havoc on your sleeping patterns; interfering with the natural, healthy production of sleep-inducing hormones such as melatonin.

By going screen-free, especially in the evening, you will be able to create a more relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to better, healthier sleep.

Sleeping better also means enjoying better health — both physical and mental. Spending less time in front of a screen can make you feel calmer, more content, and even more productive. And since you are no longer stuck to a screen, you’ll have more time to invest in your health and wellbeing, whether that’s going for a jog, calling your best friend, or cooking a delicious meal.

Sounds good? We’re sure. Sounds impossible, though? We understand. Keep reading to discover our top tips for escaping digital reality and grounding yourself in the “here and now”.

How to carve time for a digital detox each day

Start the day without a screen

Banish all electronics until after breakfast: this is recommendation number one in our digital detox workshop!

Then, try to embrace mindful movements as you prepare for the day. There’s a great deal of calm to be found in the simplest of morning routines: brushing your hair, cleaning your teeth, choosing an outfit, sipping your tea. Even if your mornings are more of a sprint start than a gentle preamble, not having your screen (and its inherent distractions!) will deliver heightened peace of mind.

Create a daily digital-free routine

Every day, establish a no-screen time zone. This works best in the evenings when our bodies are naturally prone to winding down.

Put your phone out of reach for at least one hour before bedtime. During this time, take care of your body with an evening skincare routine, a few minutes of meditation and some nourishing yoga stretches.

Pampering skincare rituals are especially powerful in your digital detox, as they enable you to get back in touch — quite literally — with your body, skin and your very own needs.

Select natural, gentle skincare products that feature remedial ingredients known for their healing and rebalancing properties, and apply them with the care you would use with a much-loved friend.

Enjoy the great outdoors on your lunch break

Switching off at work might sometimes feel out of reach, with all those deadlines looming and your to-do list growing ever longer.

However, we invite you to take some time, every day, to disconnect from work and leave your desk for walk. Experience the elements, whether the weather is good or bad, and reconnect with Mother Nature in all her forms.

If the weather’s not inviting, keep taking regular breaks from your screen and spritz a little face mist to refresh your skin, heal your aura and relax your and mind.

Rediscover yourself and celebrate your inner world

Before laptops, smartphones, TVs and all other digital touchpoints, one device ruled the roost: your body. It’s up to all of us to reconnect with ourselves, put external stimuli down and try to be more present with mood, body and surroundings throughout your day. 

For more self-care and self-love inspiration, read: ‘Inspirational 2022 – How to live your life to the fullest’.

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