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10 Steps to a Relaxing Couples Massage at Home

10 Steps to a Relaxing Couples Massage at Home

How often do you find yourself daydreaming about a relaxing massage at home? And how wonderful would that be if you indulge yourself & your partner in this ultimate relaxation experience?

The feeling of relief that comes with having your partner give you a massage is unparalleled. Taking turns in giving a massage to each other is a heartfelt gesture, a profoundly personal way for each person in the relationship to take some time out from your busy lives, take a relaxing break from everyday stressors and relax with your partner. Together. After all, it’s not uncommon for couples to start their own intimate rituals, and it’s easy to see why!

Keep reading and discover a step-by-step guide to our Couple’s Massage Ritual. We guarantee it will feel great!

Step #1  Ambience, Candles, music, massage oils…and you are halfway there!

Create a peaceful and loving environment. Prepare the room nicely and maybe add some cosy touches. Dim or switch off the lights and rely on candle lighting wherever possible. You might consider using aromatherapy spray or massage oil to help your partner relax. One final touch to set the mood is using soft music in the background. You can try searching your streaming service for ‘spa’ or ‘massage’.

Step #2  Be present

Clear your mind and be present to the moment. Focus on providing your partner with relaxation is essential to help them relax.

Step #3  Ask your partner to lay down on their stomach

To start the massage at home, have your partner lay down on their stomach. Start massaging at the top of the body; begin with the neck and the shoulders, slowly working down over the shoulders, lats, and lower back.

Step #4  Ask your partner for their pressure preference

The treatment should be relaxing and enjoyable for both of you. You can use long slow strokes along the body (effleurage) or deep, kneading strokes, where you slowly lift the tissue and squeeze it from hand to hand (petrissage).

Step #5  Identify the stress

Ask your partner where they feel more stress and spend longer on those areas. Alternatively, try to feel it intuitively and spend more time on the areas where you feel more tension and adhesion.

Step #6  Focus, breathe, find your pace

Find your rhythm and breath, put all your focus into trying to relax your partner.

Step #7  Ask your partner to lay on their back

Once you have massaged their back and legs, ask your partner to lie on their back. Again, start at the shoulders and work your way down to the feet.

Step #8  Massage, head to toe

Don’t forget to massage your partner’s head and feet- it feels divine and is so relaxing – it feels divine.

Step #9  The finishing touch

To finish the massage at home, you can place one palm gently on their head and one on their chest around the heart. You can ask your partner to take a few deep breaths. Try to stay bonded with them and tuned into their breath.

Step #10  Don’t rush off to reality yet. Enjoy your time together.

After finishing the massage, let your partner lay for a few minutes in silence. The time after a massage should be enjoyed together for at least as long as the massage itself. This period allows for a deeper connection with your partner.

Tip of the day: Turn off all electronic devices. Leaving them on, even if silent, can create a distraction.

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