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Benefits of waterless products

Benefits of waterless products

Did you know that most of the skincare products you use are formulated with a high percentage of water? Sometimes, water accounts for up to 70% of the total ingredients used! And while water is good for our bodies and contributes to our overall wellbeing, it’s not all that welcome when it comes to skincare. Let’s find out more about why waterless skincare products are better for you than those that come packed with high water content.

Why water in skincare?

If using water in skincare is not ideal, then why do some many skincare brands formulate their products with very high amounts of water? The reasons are several, but the main one is probably cost-related.

Formulating a skincare product only by using a combination of natural, active ingredients without — or with minimal amounts of — water can, in fact, end up being very expensive. It’s also very difficult to fill an entire pot, bottle, or tube of product just by using pure ingredients and maintaining an accessible price point.

Water is added to the main formula in order to dilute the product and fill its packaging, which in turn becomes a much cheaper approach — both for skincare brands and for consumers.

At the same time, you are also going to need to use larger amounts of a water-based product to achieve the desired effect. The potency of the active ingredients is diluted and, therefore, diminished.

This is probably why you find yourself having to purchase water-rich products very often – and, actually, spending more money than you thought.

The Benefits of Using Less Water in Skincare Formulas

Switching to waterless skincare formulations can yield many benefits. Let’s take a look at the three most impressive ones.


Using less water in skincare products is incredibly advantageous for the planet. This is because water is one of Mother Nature’s most precious and valuable resources, and using less of it can highly benefit both humans and the environment.

Similarly, products with lower water content are also easier, lighter, and more compact to transport, which translates into better, more sustainable, and more efficient shipping and delivery practices.


Skincare products that are formulated with minimal amounts of water are also believed to be more effective. This is because less water means more room for other active ingredients, which in turn contributes to creating a product that delivers better, longer-lasting results.

Also, and more importantly, water-based skincare was found to dry out the skin, as opposed to attracting and retaining moisture and all the healthy, natural oils that your skin contains. In the long run, then, water-rich products can end up stripping your skin of its healthy glow.


As you might know, bacteria thrive in stagnant water. For this reason, skincare brands that over-use water in their products are forced to include chemicals such as parabens and other preservatives in order to minimize the growth of bacteria.

On the other hand, undiluted products are cleaner and more hygienic as bacteria can’t grow as easily in those waterless environments. This means that water-free products are also often free from artificial preservatives or other harmful substances that are used to extend their shelf-life.

Why ilapothecary loves waterless skincare

One of the reasons why we are such big fans of formulating exceptional skincare products with minimal use of water is because this is in line with our sustainability policy. At ilapothecary, in fact, we are committed to drastically reducing our carbon footprint by crafting products that are 100% recyclable, undiluted, and thoughtfully produced thus minimizing waste.

Another important reason why you’ll find a lot of undiluted skincare products in our range is because we love how potent, clean, and effective they are on a variety of skin types. Take face mists, for example.

Most mists are just water with the addition of essential oils, whereas our formulations feature a potent combination of remedial ingredients such as Amethyst, Buddleja, Soy Bean Extract, and Vitamin B12.

From oils to body balms and candles, the ilapothecary range of waterless skincare products is masterfully crafted to deliver exceptional results while being gentle on the skin and respectful towards the environment.

Unlock the natural power of waterless skincare

Discover exceptional, effective, and gentle waterless skincare products from our ever-growing collection.

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