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The best flight skincare & holistic products for a jet setter

The best flight skincare & holistic products for a jet setter

Did you know that it’s the combination of high altitude and reduced cabin pressure that causes skin hydration during a flight? According to experts, these two factors reduce blood flow in the body, which is why it’s not only crucial to move around frequently but keep well-hydrated both inside and out. Whether you’re jetting off for a weekend getaway or heading to Bali for a yoga retreat, or have multiple business trips, these are three ilapothecary flight skincare essentials to pack for your next journey.


Flying can make us feel unsettled, ungrounded, and off-center. This is why our ‘Remedy no.1 SOS PEARL DROPS’ is a must-carry on a homeopathic remedy to maintain your calm when feeling anxious.  Infused with powerful homeopathic herbs, flower essences, and gems, the key ingredients are Aconite that is used in homeopathy for trauma and emergency situations.  As well as Poppy and Passiflora, both of which are regarded as emotionally stabilizing and grounding.


 You can give this to children as well.


Ilapothecary’s ‘Remedy 101. SOS Body Balm’ is a win-win for treating swollen joints, soothing dehydrated skin as well as keeping you calm during the flight. Key ingredients include healing Arnica and calming Blue Chamomile that works so well together. Applying this flight skincare remedy, throughout the flight will not only boost blood flow in the skin (we recommend spending extra time to self-massage to boost blood flow), it will help treat swollen joints and will also keep your skin glowing. On arrival to your destination, apply to your skin after a warm shower or bath for a jet lag curative.


You can use this product to treat swelling, bruising, dry skin, to soothe sun burn and mosquito bites.


With the high altitude and reduced pressure affecting blood flow to our skin then it’s little wonder our skin often feels dehydrated and looks dull. It’s important to keep hydrating both internally and externally to retain skin glow.  Our HANDBAG ESSENTIALS is the ideal flight skincare travel kit for short and long-haul flights. It contains a duo of hydration including our Digital Detox Face Mist’– a jet-setter must! A remedial antioxidant vitamin facial spritz that helps with inflammation, skin hydration and reboots both your skin and mind. Plus the ‘Express Lip Balm’, both of which are deeply moisturizing  –  who doesn’t need more hydration when onboard.  


 Sip warm water and herbal teas throughout your flight. Spritz your face with the digital face mist to treat dehydration and inflammation.

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