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SOS Pearl Drops


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A potent modern-day rescue remedy that combines homeopathy, flower essences, herbs, gems such as amethyst and gold. Use in moments of fear, anxiety, and restlessness. This is both a preparation and a solution – ideal for before an interview, a flight, or any situation that unsettles you (children can use this too) as it soothes and protects leaving you feeling calm.


Aconite is an extraordinary homeopathic remedy for people with anxiety and worry. This remedy also works well in emergency situations as well for shock and trauma. It instils inner peace and calm.


Trouble-shooting, calming.

Pearl reassures, allays fear and provides protection. It nurtures us when we are feeling vulnerable or sensitive and helps create personal space.


Reassuring, strengthening.

This beautiful flower essence nurtures our inner heart, helping us to show strength through vulnerability. Cultivated from wild poppies gathered from the fields around the ila farm in the Cotswolds. 


Stabilises, soothes.

Calms frayed nerves, lowers stress levels, and pacifies the mind and body. Passiflora restores mental and emotional strength in times of change and stress. Even known to lower blood pressure.

Remedy No. 1

Number one is about confidence and standing up straight - it brings the energy of the sun.

Using this product

Place 3-5 drops under the tongue, or add to a glass of water.