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Your Uplifting Morning Guide to Beat The Blues Away

Your Uplifting Morning Guide to Beat The Blues Away

Your beauty skincare regime just got a mood booster! Our two new Beat the Blues products are loaded with good vibes.

Who doesn’t need a little booster to start the day with more happiness and confidence? 

The good news is if you are already obsessed with ours No. 27 Beat the Blues Room Spray (this product won several awards last year), then you are going to love these two new additions to the holistic skincare range.        Beat the Blues Shower & Bath Oil and  Beat the Blues Pulse Point

In our fast-paced culture, the ideal morning routine is not just about the skincare we apply but how we apply it.  We recommend applying your face and body products slowly and lovingly, infusing your being with self-love and positive energy. When we slow down and do things more mindfully, we ease ourselves into a natural state of grace that helps us to make the best choices in life. The more we love ourselves the more we can love others and become balanced and grounded to face the day.

ilapothecary, is here to heal. Ingredients are a modern blend of naturopathy, homeopathy, herbology and phyo-acives that work to nourish our skin, mind and soul.  Products thoughtfully curated to have an uplifting effect on our mind while deeply cleansing, renewing and nourishing the skin.  Not to mention that the entire Beat the Blues products range is also based on the numerology no.27 thought to be about believing in ourselves and listening to our inner voice – what’s not to love about that! 


*Awaken early and stretch your body

*Splash your face and neck with cold water three times

*Clean teeth/Tongue scraping

*Drink a glass of warm water (adding lemon or apple cider vinegar is also beneficial).

*Gently massage No.27 Beat the Blues Shower & Bath Oil over your whole body, in circular motions and upward towards the heart, lathering up in your Shower or Bathing in warm water. This shower oil is such a great way to start your day; deliciously fragrant, uplifting; enlivens the senses while steadying the mind. It gently cleanses giving a beautiful glow to your skin, leaving it smooth, nourished and supple. Complete with 1 minute cold shower to invigorate the whole body.

* Dry skin brushing every other day also highly recommended.

*Go about your morning routine (yoga stretches, make breakfast etc) plus cleanse, tone and hydrate your face and neck area.

*Set the tone of the day with our No.27 Beat the Blues Room Spray a little gem to spray in your home, car or office whenever you need to boot your mood or release any frustration

*Don’t leave home without your No.27 Beat the Blues Pulse Point – roll a little on the pulse points on your inner wrist and neck and inhale the uplifting natural essential oils – a handbag essential! 

The Beat the Blues range is deliciously fragrant with Tuberose, Geranium, Clary Sage and Petitgrain. These essential oils are not only selected for their scent but also for stimulating happiness in the brain, uplifting, releasing negative self-talk, rebalancing and strengthening our mind. Clary Sage, for example, is known as one of nature’s remedies for inducing happiness, for improving self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength. Petitgrain has long been used for self-acceptance and healing emotional wounds while Geranium is balancing and Tuberose is a powerful heart opener

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