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Beat The Blues Ritual: start your morning with the right mood in 5 simple steps

Beat The Blues Ritual: start your morning with the right mood in 5 simple steps

Ever wake up in the morning with the wrong mood? Everyone most likely can agree that the answer to this question is yes. Whether you’re waking up to the siren of your alarm for a busy day of activities and responsibilities, or the buzz of a busy urban city, the way you start your morning impacts your mood and mindset of the day. Taking a moment to yourself from the number of everyday stressors, can be as simple as following a series of transformative steps to gently ease your mind and body into a new day. Not sure where to start? A quick alteration to your morning routine with this beat the blues ritual, will help uplift your mood and start the day with positive energy.

What is a morning ritual, and why does it matter?

A morning ritual is different from a routine. Morning rituals are meaningful and empowering experiences, redesigned to consciously reclaim the first few moments of your day. Unlike a repetitive routine of mundane chores, such as showering, exercising, eating, and dressing. A morning ritual to beat the blues comprises of all the above however is a more thoughtful process about mindset, meaning, and adding value, rather than just completing the task of getting ready.

beat the blues morning ritual with coffee

How to Shape Your Reality: Wake-up to a Better Day

You have the power to shape your reality through formed habits, beliefs, and thoughts. The habits one forms in their everyday life are mostly unconscious. Whereas when you consciously form meaningful practices, your course of action will significantly transform and empower your life.

To reverse the effects of feeling sad or low… here is a new morning ritual that can be implemented in a few easy steps, by starting the day with a clear mind and relaxed body.

5 Steps Beat the Blues Ritual:

1. Be Present:

Once you wake-up, don’t look at your phone. We are constantly looking at devices all day, whether it be our mobile phone screens, television screens or computer screens. Instead, be present and in tune with your body and surroundings. Allow in natural light and fresh air (if possible). Listen to what your body needs and drink a full glass of warm/room temperature water. After an extended night of sleeping your body is dehydrated. This will not only be beneficial to your body, but also your skin, and help quench your mind.

2. Effective Meditation:

Take a quick 5-10 minutes in the morning to do effective meditation. Focus on breathing and being mindfully present in your space and take this time to treat yourself. Morning meditation can be helpful as it can boost your overall well-being. In your morning meditation also include affirmations and visualization. Affirmations can help provide positive results in mood, and visualizations can help you repair your past, mold your future, and simply be more present. The goal is to start your day feeling uplifted. During your meditation, you can also ease your body into the day by incorporating a morning stretch or a gentle yoga flow.

morning meditation btb ritual

3. Fresh Shower/Bath:

Next, take a cool shower or warm bath, depending on the weather conditions and how you are feeling. There is no doubt that a cold shower will likely boost your adrenaline and wake you up further. On the contrary a warm bath is a calming way to start your day, easing your mind and body into the day. Ensure you use high quality natural products that make you feel great as well as make your skin happy. A shower or bath is a great time to tend to your body and feel physically fresher, as well as mentally. Mindfully take this precious moment in your day to clear your mind and further stimulate positive emotions.

4. Listen to Music:

Music is a universal language and sets your rhythm. A healthy practice to incorporate into your morning ritual, music can also help your physical wellbeing. Setting the tone for your body’s daily rhythm, music can help steady your pulse and improve blood pressure. Of course, the right playlist in the morning can also help with the morning mind fog of your mood. Music stimulates and engages mindfulness by entering a thoughtful state of mind. So put on that feel good playlist and start your day with good vibrations.

listen to music girl beat the blues ritual

5. Healthy and Balanced Breakfast:

A healthy mindset means a healthy body. Breakfast is famously known for being the most important meal of the day and there is a reason for that. Beginning your day with a healthy and balanced breakfast is key to a healthier lifestyle. Food is fuel and creates the energy your body and brain need to function optimally. Don’t rush out of the door and skip this meal, as it can throw off your body’s rhythm, drive, and focus to get things done for the day ahead. Eating breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, and helps you burn calories throughout the day, thus making you less likely to overeat later. Eating breakfast and replenishing your body is linked to good health, promoting better memory, concentration, and lower levels of bad cholesterol. So, to perfectly end your morning ritual take your time and enjoy a healthy and balanced breakfast to beat the blues.

Essential oils like Clary Sage, Petitgrain, and Rose Geranium can also be a great support to uplift your mood and boost your energy for the rest of the day. We are positive that this good morning beat the blues ritual combined with the benefits of aromatherapy will help you embrace a clear mind to start an uplifted, positive, and beautiful day. For those intensive days full of stress try these techniques that will help you boost your mood and uplift your spirit!

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