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The story of ilapothecary

The story of ilapothecary

Why was ilapothecary created? No matter who you are regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, geo-location, or beliefs… we live together in an everchanging world & society where we are constantly kept on our toes. Our lives, especially in frantic cities, consist of numerous pressures, making it challenging to maintain a healthy and balanced equilibrium of our stress-levels, anxiety, hormonal balance, and sleep. With the quest to combat these modern-day stressors, ilapothecary was born! 

Starting our story in 2018, with the mission to help support both the modern man and woman in their daily lives. Whether you are a business person, stay-home parent, entrepreneur, celebrity, or simply the girl/guy next door, we have chosen to provide natural and highly therapeutic remedies, to improve your overall well-being. Guided by the power of natural ingredients, ilapothecary kindly relieves the skin, body, mind, and soul, through products with purpose and by practicing a harmoniously holistic way of life.  

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Our Roots: What Makes Us Different? 

At the beginning of our development, we took the time to analyse the daily habits & stressors of the modern man and woman. We came to realise that it is the small moments and things in life that matter. Meaningful small habits can add to your overall health and happiness, through restoring your mood, body, and mindset. To achieve positive change, these small additions to one’s life need to have a meaningful purpose. Guided by the power of natural ingredients and highly therapeutic remedies, we began creating products that homogenise powerful remedial ingredients, to heal both the body and the mind as two in one fixers.  

Our formulations include an incredibly potent and effective synergy of nature’s diverse ingredients with a long history of healing. 

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For this reason, the name ilapothecary is inspired by the Sanskrit word ‘ila’ meaning ‘Mother Earth’. Mother Nature has to offer a wealth of precious and natural recourses that can help support our well-being. Harnessing nature’s purest vibrancy and effortlessly merging in symphony all the benefits of Herbology, Naturopathy, Phyto-Actives, Gemstones and Homeopathy. 

Our award winning and pioneering products are made to uplift and empower men and women alike, by means of nurturing and re-balancing both the psychical and emotional self.  

Our Purpose 

As a consumer it can be difficult to navigate the skincare and wellness product market. To fulfill our mission, we were determined to create powerful products with a purpose. Our team formed by skilled alchemists and accredited therapists, work closely together to create formulations that help relieve stress, beat the blues, treat hormonal imbalances, digital detox, promote sleep, nourish the skin. When creating formulas, we choose to use powerful remedial ingredients that are not diluted with water, as we want users to experience the packed richness of all the unique properties of each product. All our remedies are lovingly handmade in the UK, as we responsibly source pure ingredients in small batches. 

Did you know that our skin absorbs more than half of the ingredients found in our daily skincare products, and that 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell? 

When the products you use are made up of poor ingredients or synthetic chemicals it is like feeding your body fast food, something that is unnecessary and not good for you – leading to long term imbalance, to say the least. For this reason, our purpose is to take good care of your overall well-being naturally and to quench the needs of the modern world. 

Powerful Remedial Ingredients 

Our formulations include the benefits and power of healing plants, such as Borage and Thyme, and remedial flowers like Rose Geranium and Blue Chamomile combined with anti-inflammatories based on age-old solutions mixed to phenomenal effect providing nature’s best. Some of our key anti-inflammatory ingredients are Arnica and Calendula, blended with brilliant Stem-Cells like Ginseng and Tuberose. Additionally, powerful gemstones like Amethyst, Malachite and Granite are combined with an array of Vitamins, Aromatherapy Oils, Silk, even Pearls, and – most revolutionary of all- incredibly precious homeopathic filaments, such as Aconite, Gelsemium, Nat Mur and more. No other brand has blended these unique, diverse, and powerful healing ingredients creating alchemical formulations to such profound effect, while being 100% natural. 

Unquestionably, all our products are free from mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol, ethanolamine, parabens, SLES and are cruelty free. 

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In selecting our packaging, we wanted to ensure that we invested to offer, not only high-quality ingredients and formulations, but also 100% sustainable packaging. Our packaging ensures we preserve the quality of our remedies while protecting our planet. All of our bottles and jars are 100% recyclable. We use a distinguished and sustainable violet glass, specifically the elegant and luxurious Miron glass which helps protect product quality and naturally enhance shelf life.  

Inspired by numerology 

When creating our remedies, we wanted to include the study of numerical symbolism to reinforce and establish the intent and effectiveness of each product. This numerical symbolism is also known as Numerology; a study that explains the inherent power of numbers. Numbers have been selected to match you to the product of parallel purpose. For example, number 27: beats the blues, and number 55: helps you let go. Find your number and its purpose with our remedies.  

Our Urban Holistic Nest  

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In October 2018, we opened our London Flagship Store in Kensington. 99 Kensington Church Street is an urban hideaway, bringing to life our mission of providing a holistic space where one can fully experience and immerse themselves into our brand and its values. Our accredited and expert therapists offer a wide range of treatments, holistic consultations, and workshops, each with the purpose of improving physical and mental well-being. Creating a space to escape from day-to-day pressure and stresses of urban living, we draw upon the traditions of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing and Naturopathy, for powerful restorative medicine without the unwelcome side effects. By means of our treatments and therapies, we address your modern challenges together by aiding immune system issues, pain, low-mood, anxiety, toxic-overload, hormone imbalances, digestive disorders, stress, fatigue, and more.  

Receiving a complete natural healing experience is significantly important in our story, as our Products with Purpose are only a fraction of who we are and what we are about.  

Our intention is to send you back out into the world, feeling a renewed sense of energy, balance, and joy. 

What’s Next? 

The ilapothecary story has only just begun. Our purpose is to help both men and women find remedies and new approaches to relieving and combating modern daily stressors. Therefore, if you are in the need to uplift your mood, ease frustration, balance stress, and recharge from digital effects… our powerful remedial and healing ingredients along with way of life, can certainly do the trick! Join our community today to beat modern stressors and holistically feel uplifted.  

To continue learning about our approaches to relieving modern stressors and the benefits of natural ingredients you can read our blog. We regularly share tips and tricks for uplifting and balancing the mood, nourishing and treating troubled skin, as well as calming and nurturing your mind and body. One post you could find interesting is our 3 Reasons to Choose Natural Health Products.

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