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3 Reasons to Choose Natural Health Products

3 Reasons to Choose Natural Health Products

Are you aware of the ingredients that go into your beauty products?  It isn’t a coincidence that nutritionists recommend checking the list of ingredients when buying food products. With a wide variety of options when going to the grocery store, not all food items are made equal, ingredient lists matter. Some goods might have added sugar, preservatives, and other unbeneficial chemicals while others are produced and composed of natural and healthy ingredients. The same thing applies to skincare and wellness products. Switching to natural health products comes with a lot of added benefits for our general well-being and the environment. Discover three reasons as to why you should choose natural health products to support a balanced environment, mind, body, and soul! 

What does ‘Natural’ really mean? 

Prior to jumping into all the incredible benefits of natural wellness products in oppose to synthetic, we must address what ‘Natural’ really means in corelation to skincare. A skincare product is considered 100% natural when it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or synthetic preservatives such as parabens, petrochemicals, and other genetically modified ingredients. Other key factors to the benefits of natural health products are the absence of bleach, gamma radiation during production,  

1. Better for your skin, better for your health  

Did you know that our skin absorbs more than half of the ingredients found in our daily skincare products? When the product’s you use are made up of poor ingredients it is like feeding your body fast food, something that is not good for you. Chemicals, parabens, artificial colours, and other toxins can cause side effects to our skin and overall health. Such side effects include irritation, breakouts, and damage to the endocrine system. Over time, poor quality food for your skin can also cause frightful conditions related to eczema and cancer. Switching to natural products means choosing powerful natural ingredients, thus taking care of our overall health, and avoiding nasty side effects. 

2. Better for the environment, better for the future! 

With a raising awareness of the environmental impacts of plastic, the importance of recycling, and the benefits of switching to electric vehicles, we have reached a higher level of consciousness about how our daily choices can impact our planet. The overall negative impact of the cosmetics industry on our environment is often a subject that has not been touched upon. Bad industry practices release chemicals and toxins into our ecosystem, and contribute to environmental degradation and pollution of our waters, something that we strongly oppose. Natural products are not only friends to your skin and body, but kind to our environment, animals, and the planet. We are here to make a change, how about you? 

3. Better for your face, body, mind, and soul! 

Synthetic products also contain artificial fragrances to mask the scent of unnecessary chemicals. This combination of artificial scents is not ideal for the overall health of our skin and can cause severe headaches to many women and men. The combination of natural essential oils and raw ingredients creates harmonious aromatherapy experiences that are safe, effective and nourishing for our mind, body, soul. 

natural health products are very good for face skin care
Natural health products good for the face, body, and soul! 

Choosing natural products means investing into our planet’s, as well as your own personal longevity, wellness, and health. This is why, at apothecary we have chosen to formulate our products and packaging to be 100% natural, mostly vegan, and safe for our customers and the environment. What about you? Are you ready to take a step closer towards a brighter future that respects nature, animals, and people? Start now and discover the ilapothecary shop!

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