There’s a reason why you find salt baths, foot baths and salt scrubs on spa menus around the world.

Bathing in warm water infused with salt is a time-tested remedy to help ease stress in our mind, body and muscles.

From Himalayan pink salt to Dead Sea Salt and Epsom salt, it’s one of the most powerful natural ingredients for skincare.

Salt is rich in magnesium that helps to ease muscle tension and cramps, stress and even sleep better.

Here are five ways bath salts improve our skin and health.

#1 Skin Detox

Bathing in dead sea salt, for example, has long been used to help with eczema, psoriasis and even rheumatoid arthritis.

In fact, research indicates that salt baths promote skin cell growth and improve our skin tone and texture.

Our skin is a toxin carrier so regular salt baths are believed to help flush out toxins from our skin.

Alternatively, applying salt scrub in the shower also helps to cleanse the skin.

Our Remedy no.10 Quiet Start Body Scrub, for example, is a high-end skincare product made from Himalayan salts and is a grounding body scrub for the shower or bath.

#2 Helps To De-Stress

There’s nothing better than coming home from work and taking a warm hot bath to ground and rebalance.

A warm salt bath provides immediate stress-relief that works on mind, body and aura.

ilapothecary’s Remedy no. 28 Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak is a sophisticated concoction of magnesium and mineral rich salts that will help relax the nervous system.

It’s one of the best organic skincare products out of the entire ilapothecary skincare brand collection.

#3 Relieves Muscle Cramps

Sinking our body into a warm salt bath instantly gives us that ‘aha’ moment.

Salt baths also boost blood circulation to the muscles which helps to reduce pain and stiffness and promote ease and relaxation (ideal if you spend most of your day sitting at the computer).

Looking for a quick fix? Even a ten or twenty-minute foot salt soak will do wonders for alkalizing your body.

Salt baths are one of those essential at home beauty ingredients and make a great skincare gift for men and women.

#4 Hydration Booster

We know that small amounts of salt can boost our electrolyte levels but did you know that adding salt to a bath creates an electrolyte balance and is also a hydration booster!

Bathing in salt reduces muscle pain, which boosts circulation of lymphatic fluid so your skin will feel beautifully cleansed and renewed as well.

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids during your salt bath – a little aromatherapy and music goes a long way too!

#5 Sleep Remedy

With sleep disorder a worldwide pandemic, if you are experiencing sleep issues, we highly recommend you take a warm salt bath before bed (or a hot shower with a salt scrub or foot salt soak will also do wonders).

As salt helps to ease muscle tension and cramps, it makes sense that it will help calm and encourage a sense of inner peace.

A therapeutic salt bath or foot bath restores our energy and aura. What’s not to love about that?

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