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Five Ways To Beat Holiday Stress

Five Ways To Beat Holiday Stress

Feeling under pressure as the countdown to the end of the year approaches?

Don’t miss out on experiencing the joy of the season. To avoid that feeling that you need a holiday from your holiday, here are five ways to maintain your inner zen during the festive season.

#1 Slow down and avoid the hype

Access to excess is never a good idea but the truth is the festive season can send even the most thrifty of us into a spending frenzy. Avoid over-stimulation, excessive commitments and unrealistic expectations.

Stay grounded by dedicating a few minutes a day to self-care rituals. Our Remedy no. 8 Calm Butterfly’s Soothing Balm infused with healing calendula, relaxing lavender and rose will soothe and calm your skin and mind.

#2 Take deep breaths – you’ve got this!

Stress affects all of us differently and to master the art of not letting this affect your happiness is the key to longevity.

If your stress shows up on your skin then we recommend you try Remedy no 6. A, B, C & E Rich Facial Oil.

Infused with healing Arnica, Calendula and Rosehip, this is a daily remedy to help nourish and protect your skin from all the stressors.

#3 Delegate your stress – you’ll never look back!

It’s all too easy to get pulled downward into the spiral of stress. However, much of our stress is often self-inflicted so it’s essential we keep a realistic perspective.

Don’t shoulder all the responsibilities and organisation either. Learning the art of delegation is essential to balancing life and work.

Our Remedy no. 88 Keep Calm Hand & Body Lotion infused with Petitgrain, Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang will help calm the nerves while nourishing your skin.

#4 Stretch it out!

The more we move, circulation and oxygen flows and in turn keeps us balanced.

Even a twenty-minute daily yoga practice does wonders to keep the body and mind resilient. Stay strong and keep moving.

We recommend you keep a bottle of Remedy no.12 Good Vibes Reed in your home. Created with sedating Tuberose and Ylang Ylang, this scent ritual will infuse your home with positive vibrations.

#5 Soak your stress away – yum!

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to stress and we can’t recommend warm baths highly enough for recovery and restoration.

Take your next bath with our Remedy no. 28 Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak that will relax your mind and muscles.

You can also spa away any worries at our newly opened ilapothecary store in London offering a menu of sound healing, breath workshops and treatments to remedy our modern lives.  

Happy ‘holistic’ Holidays!

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