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Organic Skin Care Christmas Gift Guide

Organic Skin Care Christmas Gift Guide

In the spirit of gift-giving, we’ve curated seven ilapothecary offerings that are so uplifting you’ll want to keep them for yourself!

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you are looking for elegant gifts with a purpose, then consider ilapothecary.  

Created by visionary, Denise Leicester, the pioneering ilapothecary organic skincare brand offers ‘over the counter’ solutions to remedy our modern lives.

Helping people re-connect with themselves through nature is the DNA of Ilapothecary. Every creation is designed to uplift and empower, rebalance and nurture. Every creation draws on the earth’s oldest resources and traditions. Every creation is made using only natural and organic ingredients.

If you want to be remembered for your meaningful gift, then treat your loved ones to an ilapothecary product with purpose.


When the people you love need warmth, nurture and self-care. Our #BeBlessed gift with purpose consists of two luxe essentials: Smelling Of Roses Hand Cream and Express Lip Balm.

Like an everyday survival kit, we recommend these for treating and protecting the skin (and lips)!


For those in your life who love to spa at home!  Our #AuraDelight gifts with a purpose consists of our Cleanse Your Aura Hand Wash and Keep Calm Hand & Body Lotion.

Infused with uplifting organic scents, they make a beautiful duo for home rituals for relaxation, and are both soothing, energising and nourishing.


For those in your life that can’t keep away from their devices! 

Our #CtrlAltDelete gift with purpose includes a Digital Face Mist and Protective Aura Day Cream to help address stressors related to modern living. 

Designed to help clear  feelings of fatigue, stress and busy-mindedness, these products are purifying, stress-releasing and anti-inflammatory.


For the people you know who need a subtle happiness booster!

Our #GoodVibes gifs with purpose consists of our best-selling Beat The Blues Room Spray and Light Your Fire Candle, designed to bring peace into your home and workplace.


When the friends in your life are fortunate to have a bath at home!

Our #SOSreplenish gifts with purpose consists of the Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak and SOS Body Balm, which help to relax muscles and ease nervous tension.

A sublime restorative ritual to keep one grounded through the holiday season.


When your Christmas is about family gatherings, fireside cocktails and heart-warming foods.

Our #RelightMyFire gifts with purpose includes the Good Vibe Reeds and Light Your Fire Candle. You’ll fill their homes and heart with positive vibrations.


When you want to indulge that person in your life something truly memorable.

Our #space gift with purpose includes a sleek and modern Diffuser Ultrasonic Dispenser together with a bottle of Transform Space Diffuser Oil. Use at work to bring happy vibes into the atmosphere.

Our ethos to promote happiness, peace and balance in every individual who uses them –  have a delightful festive season!

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