Whether you are seeking to buy the man in your life a gift for home, office or travel, ilapothecary men’s products offer a deeper purpose.

This ‘beyond skincare’ range are medicinally infused to keep one’s mind calm and centered while soothing and regenerating the face and body.

When to comes to organic men’s skincare ilapothecary offers some standouts. Here are five easy gifts for the man in your life:

#1 For the chilled-out man

The benefits of taking magnesium are well-known, so if your male friend suffers sleep issues or gets easily stressed-out, we recommend our Remedy no. 22 Mud Shave.

Infused with magnesium-rich Purple Andes Mud, Amethyst and Vetiver, this product will not only cleanse and detoxify his skin but also calm and relax his mind.

Our Remedy no. 28 Magnesium and Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak is the ultimate for easing muscles and nervous tension – he’ll sleep better too!

#2 For The Man at Work

Does your man spend extended time on the computer? Is his work place a highly-competitive environment?

To keep him steady throughout the day, we recommend our Remedy no. 1 SOS Pearl Drops that is a powerful modern-day rescue remedy for all situations.

Anytime he is feeling a little overwhelmed or off-balance, a few drops under the tongue and voila –  he should feel strong,  stable and able once more!

#3 For the holistic man

Is the male in your life drawn to all things organic, vegan and sustainable? If so, we’ve got this one covered!

From vegan soy candles to organic skincare and men’s gift sets for him, ilapothecary is all about ethical skincare.

Each product is infused with pure essential oils, medicinal flowers, homeopathic herbs and healing gemstones.

All this, plus the entire collection is made in small batches to maintain freshness– he’ll feel good inside and out!

#4 For The Warrior Man

Could these be the ultimate men’s skincare gifts?  

Our signature Remedy no. 11 Stubble Trouble Face Serum (the best face serum for men’s skin) and our magnesium-rich Remedy no. 22 Mud Shave are packed with skincare power.

Both products soothe and soften men’s skin, yet at the same time infuse deeply healing oils and homeopathic herbs to strengthen and centre his mind and spirit.

#5 Gift Vouchers For All Men

Once reserved for mother’s days and bridal showers, these days who doesn’t love a good massage or facial to replenish and regenerate? 

The good news is there’s such a variety of spas around to suit all budgets including Chinese reflexology and Thai massage hole-in-the-wall places.

But if you feel like he deserved a deeply profound and transformative experience, then explore ila’s spas (the mother brand of ilapothecary) for the best spas in your region (he’ll thank you later)!

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