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Why is my Skin so Dry Even When I Moisturize? 5 Top Remedies

Why is my Skin so Dry Even When I Moisturize? 5 Top Remedies

Dry skin can be caused by many factors, including environment, diet and work-life balance. Especially if it remains dry even after you moisturize it.

Therefore it is important to recognize that while the result of dry skin can be treated locally and topically it is important to also take a holistic view of the deeper causes and address them from within.

#1 You are what you eat!

Food plays a vital role in the condition of our skin, our reactions and our potential allergies to certain ingredients and manifestations of stress eating.

For example eating highly processed or sugary foods can contribute to problem areas, conversely, a diet rich in fatty acids, foods containing vitamin E, mono-saturated fats and beta-rich carotene can all work towards an overall improvement in skin tone, reducing dryness and puffiness.

Thinking about those foods you can almost feel their creamy goodness working from the inside to bring a healthy glow to the outside and helping you dealing with having dry skin even when you moisturize it.

#2 Contradictions to conditions

Much like oily skin can benefit from the application of oils dry skin can also benefit from a reduction in surface moisturiser.

Certain emollients for dry skin draw moisture from the subcutaneous layers creating the feeling of newly moistened skin however they are ‘draining’ the skin from inside and creating a cycle which only ever requires more moisturising.

Especially if you have dry skin area in an otherwise normal to oily skin tone be careful not to over moisturise and instead treat the specific areas with a gentle light moisturiser like ilapocatheries Protective Aura Day Cream which contains Moringa a vitamin rich cold pressed oil and Sandalwood. Sandalwood is a natural astringent preventing the over saturation of the skin.

#3 Keeping it clean

With the imperative to moisturise dry skin there must follow the need to cleanse, any increase in moisture on the surface of the skin creates a film to which external pollutants can adhere, keeping your skin dry even when you moisturize, which is why the gentle cleansing of dry skin areas is so important.

Ilapocathery’s Powerful Purifying Face Scrub includes pure essential oils of Patchouli which not only works to relax the skin but addresses dryness.

Patchouli is used in the treatment of dermatitis and eczema making it an ideal ingredient for cleansing any skin type affected by dryness.

Allow the product to become absorbed into the skin before rinsing then pat dry before applying a very light moisturiser.

Ilapocathery’s Calm Butterfly Soothing Balm can be used at night time for a deeper skin healing as its anti inflammatory properties can reduce the redness often associated with dry skin.  

#4 The Weather Weapon

Every season, no matter which hemisphere in the world we live, has the potential to create an impact on our skin, be it the cold winds of winter, the dry heat of summer, the biting winds of autumn or the first rays of spring.

When you adopt a skin care routine that works for you need to ensure you adapt your products not just to your skin’s individual needs but the climatic environment in which it exists.

For example, if you are living in cold climate chances are you use relatively rich moisturisers, creamy cleansers and less astringent toners, conversely, in the tropics you would be using a light moisturiser, deep exfoliating cleansers and a highly effective toner that would minimise moisture loss.

While this may seem sufficient it is also important to address the skin’s living quality, replenishing and shedding and responding to stimulation. When dry skin becomes a problem during seasonal changes the solution can be to apply a transitional alternative.

Borage which is contained in Ilapocathery’s Vitamin A,C,D and E Facial Oil is rich in fatty acids and acts as a barrier to moisture loss while ‘feeding’ the outer epidermis with the oil it needs to show elasticity and glow.

#5 Look after every part of you

Facial skin differs vastly to the skin of the body, but don’t let that difference be all you notice. Facial skin is thinner, and with finer pores than other areas, however variations occur between the elbow and the back of the hand, the back of the heel and the inner thigh!

When dealing with dry skin issues you will notice that your body has its problem areas. Most commonly behind the knees, on the elbows or at the hairline, often a cause for dryness in these areas is to do with stress.

This can be the stress of allergies, something that sometimes need medical intelligence to ascertain or a general response to being rundown whilst maintaining prime performance. Your skin is the messenger here, and it may well be time to slow down a little. Take time out to review where, who or what provokes stress.

Use some private time to bathe, clear your mind and indulge in the ancient art of therapy through aroma. Notes of Jasmine or Neroli in a scented candle, bath bombs or soaps with soothing cinnamon and vanilla scents.

The post bathing application of ilapocathery’s SOS Body Balm with Blue Chamomile to ease the mind and Rose Oil to enhance positivity. This will give you a space to claim your own and reconnect to your own personal aura, eliminating the influence of negative thoughts or influences and bring you to a space of relaxed, calm, clear intention while at the same time addressing the areas of dry skin on your body.

Remember: your skin is not your adversary. Troublesome skin can be the indicator of total well-being: treat it well, listen to its problems. Yes solving the problem of your skin being dry even after you moisturize is important, but it is not everything.

Reduce fatty, processed foods, increase your liquid intake, avoid excess of alcohol and caffeine and love yourself through your care of your skin.

It can only thank you by being brighter, more healthful in appearance and ultimately glow with the unique and beautiful essence of your individual personality.

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