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Life After Lockdown: 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Life After Lockdown: 5 Ways to Wellbeing

With the UK almost reaching the third step of the roadmap out of lockdown, we are only just starting to be getting used to, a nearly ‘normal life’. It is still premature to say that we are back to our life, as it was before COVID, but we are certainly taking some steps towards that direction. The real question is, are we ready for this? After more than a year of the pandemic, our habits and routine have changed, and our mental health and body may have been affected. Paying extra attention to our general wellbeing is crucial while stepping back into our life, after lockdown. In this article, we would like to share with you, our top 5 ways to wellbeing after lockdown to help you be aware of your mind and body, and face this new chapter in a healthy way. 

1.    Connect with family and friends 

Human connection is probably what we have missed the most over the past year. Hugging our loved ones and being able to spend some quality time together has turned into something so rare and precious. Social interaction is key for our mental health, which also explains the success of video chatting platforms like Zoom over the pandemic. Now that lockdown restrictions are easing, take some extra time to see family and friends safely. We wouldn’t recommend from one day to the next, to overdo it or go to extremely busy places; not only from a safety perspective, but also as we need to respect the time our body and mind need to adapt.  

2.    Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that encourages being present in the ‘here and now’. There are many studies showings the mental and physical benefits that mindfulness has over our wellbeing. Not a surprise, that meditation is considered one of the favorite ways to wellbeing in the UK, following research by Bupa UK, a market-leading healthcare insurance company. Focusing on the moment can help us visualize and define our priorities while reconnecting with our inner self. Being present is a key factor in our wellbeing, we recommend our Speak Your Truth Aroma Roller to calm and ground the mind and body while carrying us into a positive meditative state. 

3.    Be active! 

With lockdown restrictions starting to ease and longer and warmer days ahead of us, try to spend more time outdoors. From going for a walk after work to a morning jog before starting the day, make an effort to be active at least 30 minutes a day. If you are still working from home, put a timer on your phone and make sure to take regular breaks from sitting down and use weekends to do something active and fun. There are also a lot of fitness classes happening in parks at the moment, so why not try something out with a friend? Physical exercise is known to release endorphins, the happy hormone that boosts our mood and energy! 

4.    More for others, more for you! 

This year more than ever, we have learned the importance of togetherness and support for one another. On the other hand, we have lived in a bubble, which has led to promoting self-absorption and forgetting about others. Studies show that kindness can help improve our mental and emotional wellbeing. Now, more than ever, it is important to show kindness and support people around us. Examples of things that we can do are volunteering, helping others to feel good, tell your loved ones how much you care about them, or check on a friend who is going through a difficult time. Helping others can also improve connections and create a sense of community, which is crucial for our wellbeing. 

5.    Set new goals! 

In this period of uncertainty, making plans or setting new goals can be quite difficult. However, there are always new things that we can learn or do. Learning new skills is suggested to improve self-esteem and help with depression. Volunteer in a garden close to you and learn the secrets of gardening, sign up to a new course, learn a new language, or do that thing that you have always wanted to do. No need to wait for the perfect moment, as that rarely comes, act now, set your goals, and enjoy the outcome! 

Taking care of our wellbeing plays an important role in slowly going back to a more ‘normal’ life as it can be challenging at times. Our awarded Beat The Blues range is ideal as extra support to help clear the mind, uplift the mood, and connect with the present moment. Keep the Beat the Blues Room Spray on your desk or bedside table and spritz in the room when you feel the need for some clarity and positivity. Carry in your handbag the Beat The Blues Pulse Point for a quick pick-me up on the way or while traveling. Start your days with a boost of positive energy using the Beat The Blues Shower & Bath Oil during your morning shower or bath. Clary Sage, Petitgrain, and Geranium will help enliven and boost the mood and clear the mind while stimulating happiness; all you need to get ready for your life after lockdown! 

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