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Here’s a Grounding Ritual to help us stay strong and balanced during these challenging times

Here’s a Grounding Ritual to help us stay strong and balanced during these challenging times

We are all adapting to a new way of being and our intention is to provide you with home remedies and a grounding ritual to help you boost your immune system, feel safe, present, and grounded.

While we can’t control what’s happening in the world around us, we can take some charge of our own self by improving our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  In these times of uncertainty, we need tools to support us, as acute feelings of fear and anxiety negatively impact our immune system. This is why we are recommending these products and a grounding ritual to help you stay grounded through this health crisis. These include products to help de-stress, protect yourself from environmental pollution and viruses, as well as boost your immune, skin, mind, and mental wellbeing.

Explore a few ilapothecary Rituals using Products with Purpose

Day time at home ilapothecary Grounding Ritual

This powerful collection will nourish your soul, dispel negative thoughts and emotions, and can help you get through these challenging and difficult circumstances.  They have been created with an alchemical blend of oils known to uplift our emotions.  These include Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea), used to boost the immune system. Its antiseptic qualities help to prevent and halt infection and are known to strengthen and tone our nerves and nervous system.

Grounding Ritual

We recommend you create this home ritual every morning, or anytime during the day when you sense your positive energy is lagging.

If you are a keyworker and are coming home after a long day or waking up to start again, these tools will help to support you. It’s a simple three-step ritual that works in three ways including topically (entering the blood stream through the skin), via the olfactory system which has an impact on our brain and endocrine (hormone) system as well as orally/internally.


Beat the blues bath and shower oil – massage on your chest, abdomen, upper arms and lower back. As you bathe or shower, take some time to be present. Use all your senses to fully engage. Watch the water, focus on the drops accumulate on the curtain or wall. Listen to the splashing of the stream as it hits the floor. Breathe in thoughts of gratitude and exhale all your worry and fear and ‘what if’s’. Do a self-body scan: feel the heat of the water and the drops on your skin. Start by focusing on your feet and work your way up your body.Breathe: Close your eyes and let the water gently run over you. As you breathe, imagine all thoughts and worries releasing out of your mind like water flowing down a river.


Apply ilapothecary’s Beat the Blues pulse point on your heart centre, wrists and on the middle of your palms. Warm your hands by rubbing them together then take some deep belly breaths, drop your shoulders, and focus on locating the places in your body which feel comfortable and relaxed.


Take 3-5 drops of the Beat the Blues Drops of Gold. This is Homoeopathically uplifting and supportive of low mood. It contains St John’s Wort that is used by many as a serotonin enhancer and treating low disorders. This remedy is also anti-viral and will help to support your immune system.


Throughout the day use the Beat the Blues Room Spray to keep your spirits lifted and the air cleansed due to Clary Sage and ethanol.


Transform Space Diffuser Oil

We suggest you use this oil to cleanse the atmosphere as well as energetically protect you against infection. We like to think of this as our ‘happy’ aromatherapy blend as it carries the warming energy of the sun, stimulating positive energy to help us release tension, irritability, accumulated stress, and unexpressed feelings.

It is infused with Palosanto, a sacred wood traditionally used to purify and dispel negative energy and restore positive emotions. Bergamot is used for releasing negative thoughts and boosting happiness by aromatherapists. One of the key ingredients is Palo Santo that is thought to contain antiviral and anti-inflammatory actions. It consists of Triterpene lupeol compounds that are thought to support lung health.

Digital Face Mist

Most of us are going to be spending more time online – not just working from home but keeping in touch with our family, friends and loved ones. Which is why it’s essential to protect yourself from toxins caused by digital overload.

Ilapothecary Digital Face Mist contains anti-viral properties and helps to cleanse the air. Active ingredients include honey to help your body fight off infections as well as Amethyst that is known to strengthen the immune system and ease stress. Soybean extract is known to help support against digital and environmental pollution.

HOW TO USE: Spray throughout the day to provide relief to tired eyes, freshen and brighten your skin and purify the air around you.


SOS Pearl Drops

By learning to take charge and managing our stress and anxiety levels, we are better strengthening ourselves against viruses.

Chronic stress exposes the body to a steady stream of stress hormones that suppress the immune system. This is why we created SOS Pearl Drops to help support our modern lives. This product is made with pearl, amethyst, and gold, all excellent ingredients to enhance your grounding ritual.  It contains homeopathic Aconite for states of fear and anxiety, valerian which is a mild sedative as well as a blend of passiflora and wild poppy essence to calm the heart.

HOW TO USE: Take any time you feel unsettled; also good before bed to help calm the mind.

On our next blog, we will share the nighttime ritual, stay tuned.

Keep well strong and safe.


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