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A Bedtime Ritual for a good night’s sleep is essential for a Healthy Immune System

A Bedtime Ritual for a good night’s sleep is essential for a Healthy Immune System

Bedtime Ritual by ilapothecary


We are all currently adapting to a new way of being and our intention is to provide you with home remedies to help you boost your immune, feel safe, present and grounded.  In these times of uncertainty, we need tools to support us, as acute feelings of fear and anxiety negatively impact our immune system according to the university of Minesota. This is where ilapothecary’s bedtime ritual comes in!

Suddenly we are all day at home, this means that our body is experiencing a different rhythm; different time frames meddle with our internal clock, which may unsettle our sleeping patterns; especially when combined with the current uncertainty/ anxiety.


Health experts from all corners of the earth, and from all types of wellness including Western, Functional, Integrative, and Eastern, all agree – a good 7-8 hours sleep is possibly the No1 best thing we can do for our immune system right now. Therefore, we recommend the following ritual using Products with Purpose.

ilapothecary Bedtime Ritual:


Start your bedtime ritual with the Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak. It is made of mineral rich salts which are known to relax muscles, ease tension and help promote deep sleep. Blended with powerfully reparative and relaxing oils and gems –from Amber to Juniper Berry, Benzoin which is calming and reassuring, and Amethyst which is known to be restoring and rebalancing. This powerful mix combines to create a supportive and peaceful bath soak that help you feel calm and nurtured. While in the bath – if you can – switch off your phone, take a moment to just be and breathe, without external stimulation.


After your bath dry yourself with the towel and massage the SOS Body Balm into your skin. This powerful, sweet-smelling herbal balm soothes and calms dry skin, helps relieve tired muscles, swollen joints or bruises. It contains a beautiful mix of essential oils including Blue chamomile, which helps ease tension, relaxes the nervous system and is known to be an oil of peace and acceptance.


When in bed, take 3-5 drops of the SOS Pearl Drops – a potent modern-day rescue remedy that combines homeopathy, flower essences, herbs and gems such as amethyst and gold. Use in moments of fear, anxiety, and restlessness. This is both a preparation and a solution – ideal for any situation that unsettles you, or even before you sleep as it helps one feel soothed and protected; leaving you feeling grounded, reassured and calm.


You can enhance the feeling of calm and help relieve stress, anxiety, headaches or tight chested-ness, by using the Calm Butterfly’s Soothing Balm. This beautiful, soothing balm is an all-purpose panacea combining Arnica, Calendula, Lavender and Rose it smells divine, nourishes deeply, and helps to calm both mood and mind. Massage it into your chest area, temples, forehead and feet.

Keep well strong, safe and have a good night’s sleep.


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