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Functional skincare for men & women

Functional skincare for men & women

It’s easy to think a complex skincare routine will give you the results you desire. This method tends to feature multiple products and, when it comes to functional skincare, this process may seem like a minefield. However, it is possible for both men and women to achieve radiant, healthy skin without a lengthy beauty routine.

What is functional skincare? 

These days, skincare for men and women offers so much more thanks to opportunities to choose individual products, which address a variety of needs. This growing trend, AKA functional skincare, may cover a single cleanser with multiple features, which work together simultaneously. This provides a cost and time-effective skincare solution for you and, therefore, means you will require fewer individual, specific-use products in your beauty routine. 

With our everyday lives becoming busier, it’s never been more important to take time out and dedicate it to your wellbeing. And an easy way to embrace skincare for men and women is with natural functional products that help soothe both your mind and body. Super-effective, quick, and easy to use, you will be left with problem-free, radiant skin, that simultaneously helps calm and balances your mind.  

1. Skincare: Cleansing

Cleansing skincare for men & women 

Functional skincare is not restricted to any particular sex. Consider your cleansing routine for example. The principles tend to be the same for both. Whatever your age or gender, a great cleanser is the foundation of a healthy skincare routine. This step preps the skin to absorb serums and creams better, removes toxins and build-up, and helps to provide a solid base for your next skincare steps. 

For example, both men and women may suffer with inflamed or irritated skin, and ultimately what is needed to soothe troubled skin is the same for both. Our Fresh Faced Mud Cleanser will energise tired and dehydrated skin while helping to balance oil production. Vitamin-rich with medicinal and rejuvenating ingredients. This cleanser is 100% natural with an indulgent blend of highly effective ‘adaptogenic herbs’, that helps both the mind and skin combat stress, due to its powerful remedial ingredients, such as Amethyst, Moringa, and Rose Geranium. Or, if you’re looking for a cleanser, which will hydrate and soothe, preventing tissue degeneration and improving skin tone, our Soothing Silk Cleanser, may be perfect. Powerful remedial ingredient Silk active amino acids, are known to help nourish, hydrate, and restore skin balance, while Grapefruit, Pomegranate, and Vetiver help balance the mood and ground, thanks to their calming properties.  

2. Skincare: Moisturising

The marvels of moisturising 

A moisturiser really is worth its weight in gold. In fact, everyone, regardless of age, sex or gender, should moisturise twice a day. After all, this vital component in your beauty routine features a multitude of benefits. These range from rehydrating and slowing down the aging process to relieving shaving trauma and creating an even skin tone. 

Whether you choose a serum, Save Face Serum, and/or moisturiser, Protective Aura Day Cream, each will be beneficial in a variety of ways. The former, for example, will target specific skin concerns; reducing skin puffiness with anti-inflammatory properties, and protecting from free radicals and tissue damage. With a unique blend of cutting-edge, remedial gemstone ingredients, these, together, produce a powerful formulation to hydrate, regenerate and detoxify. Malachite in our Save Face Serum helps not only with skin regeneration, but from a holistic perspective, it is believed to clear obstacles and promote positivity, and Sandalwood in our Protective Aura Day Cream, is rich in antioxidants but is also believed to help create a sense of peace.  

3. Skincare: Shaving

Skincare for men only 

For high-quality shaving and beard care, you’ll need specialised products, which will keep your facial hair and complexion in check. Experience our Beardy Balm, for example, which will nourish unruly beards. It will also soften stubble and condition, heal and soothe skin with the most desirable scent. This balm features Blue Chamomile, which cools and clears skin while easing tension, redness, and heat from the mind and body. For the ultimate skincare for men shaving solution, try our rich, indulgent Mud Shave. This provides precision and deep skin nourishment for a detoxifying and relaxing experience. Active ingredients Amethyst and Vetiver, help to soothe skin, while from an energetic perspective, these ingredients are believed to relax and balance the nerves and help heal the aura.  

You too can enjoy a solid, functional skincare regime with minimal products, where you can benefit from maximum results.

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