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7 Ways on How to Create a Peaceful Home environment


How good would it feel to return home after a day at work to a space that feels nourishing, supportive, and nurturing. The good news is you don’t need to go to a yoga class or a spa to unwind. You can do this at home, and we are here to answer the question of how to create a peaceful home environment.

Here is How to Create a Peaceful Home environment

1. It’s all about the arrival experience

Introduce a shoes-off policy – the ritual of removing your shoes and slipping into a pair of slippers will instantly give you that zen vibe.

We recommend you keep a bottle of ilapothecary’s Remedy no. 27 Beat the Blues Room Spray.

This gem of a product is infused with Clary Sage and Petitgrain, a powerful blend to help you let go of any negative energy from the day and invite peace and calm in your home.

2. Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Soaking in a tub of warm water with cleansing salts and essential oils is a time-honored ritual for restoration.

And even if you don’t have a bath, then indoor plants and scented candles will help create a tropical spa-like ambiance (you’ll feel transported to Bali in no time).

Remedy no. 10 Quiet Start Body Scrub is a sensual blend of Himalayan salts, Jasmine, and Pearl drop that provides nurture and boosts feelings of reassurance and protection.

3. Create A Sacred Bedroom

Sleep is the time we regenerate so you really want your bedroom to feel like a place of comfort. Installing a natural mosquito net around your bed and low-lighting will create a cocoon-like ambiance while indoor plants help to purify the air.

It goes without saying that it’s better to leave your devices outside the bedroom. 

To add a little spice, ilapothecary’s Light your Fire candle infused with Orange, Lavender, Blue Chamomile, and Orange Blossom, will enhance a feeling of comfort and calm.

4. Create A Meditation Corner

Can’t make it to a meditation class or prefer to be at home? It doesn’t take much to create a beautiful space to go inward and return to the center. Invest in a meditation pillow or create a special space with your yoga mat.

Keep ilpaothecary’s SOS Pearl Drops nearby – it’s like a modern-day rescue remedy that will give you a feeling of protection and reassurance anytime you are feeling vulnerable.

5. Chemical Detox to create a peaceful home

Did you know that most of the chemicals we inhale are found within our own homes? This is why it’s essential to have petrochemical-free products in our kitchen and bathroom. 

Why not invest in a diffuser such as ilapothecary’s Diffuser Ultrasonic Dispenser that purifies and scents the air? ilapothecary also offers a range of exquisite oil blends such as the Remedy no. 50 Transform Your Space Diffuser Oil is infused with Polosanto, a sacred wood used to clear the air.

6. Balm your Being with self-love

Self-applying heavenly-scented nurturing oils and balms is such a sacred (and affordable) ritual to help slow down the mind and make one feel more grounded and ‘in our body’.

It is also a practice of self-love, connecting us to our spirit and potential. Try ilapothecary’s Feminine Happy Oil, a mood-balancing blend of Maca, Rose, and Jasmine, designed to reconnect us with our feminine side.

7. Take a Digital Detox

There’s no doubt that too much time on our devices causes eye strain, brain drain, and anxiousness. Plus, it’s highly addictive! A few times a week we recommend you unplug around 6 pm and play inspiring music, read, or watch a movie.

Curl up with a cup of hot ginger water and allow yourself the luxury to drift and dream. Our Remedy. No 32 Digital Face Mist is designed to protect us from inflammation and the negative effects of using phones and computers. You’ll feel so good, and sleep better too! This is how to create a peaceful home for you and your loved ones!

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