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5 Natural Remedies to support Modern Life

5 Natural Remedies to support Modern Life

Every generation experiences its own health challenges. In today’s culture, we are increasingly affected by stress, lack of sleep, and digital overload (is there a connection here?). Thankfully, for every trend, there is always a counter-trend and right now we are experiencing a global back to nature renaissance. Clean food, clean living, and clean beauty are what we crave. Nature’s own pharmacopeia is filled with wonderful curatives that work internally and externally to keep us strong and sane. These are five time-tested natural remedies to help remedy our modern lives.   

The 5 Natural Remedies to support our modern lives

A for Arnica

Arnica’s anti-inflammatory benefits have been recorded as far back as the 12th Century and still today Arnica is a remedy found in many medicine cabinets. 

The Arnica herb grows wild in Europe and is commonly used topically and internally for healing bruises and providing pain relief. It features as a key ingredient in sports gels and creams for athletes to apply for muscle and pain relief and surgeons have been known to use Arnica in post-operative care.

What’s exciting is that Arnica is now being infused into body products to soothe and nurture the skin – try it in ilapothecary’s Remedy No. 101 SOS Body Balm.

Calming Calendula

Who doesn’t want to feel more zen in their lives? Calendula is a gold colored ‘marigold’ flower that grows in the Mediterranean, Western Europe, and in some parts of Asia, and has long been used in teas and tinctures for its soothing qualities.

Energetically, old herbalists used Calendula to calm the mind and heal the heart. Calendula is also considered an anti-inflammatory and is infused into skincare and bath infusions. Even better, Calendula oil is also believed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, and aging spots!

You can experience the potent benefits of Calendula in ilapothecary’s Remedy no. 101 SOS Body BalmRemedy no. 19 Feminine Happy Oil, and Remedy no. 3 See-Clearly Eye Make-up Remover.

Loving Lavender

When you are feeling more anxious than usual and there are too many chaotic thoughts swimming around your mind, then look to Lavender as a natural solution. It’s one of the oldest and widely used plant therapies for keeping chilled.

The beautiful violet-colored Lavender flower grows mainly in Europe and herbologists have long used the purple plant in teas and remedies.  It is a common ingredient in scented soaps, supplements, and skincare.

At ilapothecary, we view Lavender like an ‘aromatic rescue remedy’. It helps to balance and calm the energy of our heart and we truly believe that lavender can help us to know that our humblest actions are sacred – how beautiful is that! Experience the loving benefits of Lavender in ilapothecary’s Light Your Fire CandleRemedy no. 8 Calm Butterflys Soothing Balm, and Remedy no.100 Fresh Face Mud Cleanser.

MACA is having a moment!

Need more vitality and energy in your life? Maca is regarded as a superfood that is extracted from the Peruvian Maca herb that grows in the Peruvian Andes. As far back as the 1600 b.c. this ‘inca vitality’ root was used to boost endurance and was an effective aphrodisiac. Thought to be rich in all sorts of goodness like iodine and iron, protein, and magnesium, Maca is also regarded as an adaptogen, meaning it helps our body adapt and cope with stress.  But the big news is that this super root is also bountiful with many beautifying benefits. You can add it to your morning smoothie, take it as a supplement, or gain the benefits in your skincare – such as in

Remedy no. 19 Happy Feminine Oil and Remedy no. 100 Fresh Face Mud Cleanser.


How good would it feel to experience smooth energy levels all day– plus sleep well throughout the night! Anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and sleep disorder is a daily issue for millions around the planet. Magnesium deficiency is real. But the good news is that we can up our magnesium levels through consuming more nuts and seeds, green leafy veggies, or take it as a supplement.  But did you know that Magnesium is one of the natural remedies that also works topically on the skin?  Cult brands like ilapothecary are infusing body creams and balms with magnesium to help to relax our mind and muscles. Enhance your inner calm with ilapothecary’s Remedy No.28 Magnesium and Amethyst Deep Relax Soak and Fresh Face Mud Cleanser. Om!

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