Sandalwood (/ˈsand(ə)lwʊd/) a widely cultivated Indian tree that yields fragrant timber and oil
* The unique properties of Sandalwood can be found in selected ilapothecary home products

Our home is our castle, our sanctuary, our haven of safety, where we can just be, create and enjoy the pleasures of life’ treat yourself to ilapothecary mood-balancing home products to soothe the mind, body and soul naturally

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    • Bespoke 99kcs0
    • Body15
    • Face11
    • Home6
    • Men's22
    • Potent2
    • Scent2
    • 100% Natural36
    • Vegan28
    • Vegetarian36
    • Gluten Free36
    • Nut Free19
    • Alcohol Free20
    • No Animal Testing36
    • Paraben Free36
    • Mineral Oil Free36
    • Petroleum Free36
    • No SLS & SLES36
    • No Synthetic Colours36
    • No MIT36
    • No Microbeads36
    15ml50g70g10ml15 ml15 g20 ml30 g30 cl50 ml50 g100 g100 ml150 ml200 g200 ml400 g