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Your guide to holistically manage holiday stress

Your guide to holistically manage holiday stress

Hands up if you’ve been spending far too long shopping for gifts, juggling your finances and trying to squeeze in every festive get-together you’ve been invited to? Christmas can be stressful. And a Covid Christmas? Even more so. Read on to discover 8 effective tips on how to manage stress this Christmas time and begin rebalancing your body and mind. Because while it is the “most wonderful time of the year”, there’s also nothing more wonderful than carving out some time for you.

1. Take a mindful walk

Is there anything Mother Nature can’t do? No matter what stress is brewing inside the home or at work, a quick (or long!) stroll outside is always a miraculous fix. A local park, nearby woodland or even your back garden can offer ways to relax and settle your energy.

With colder weather and the absence of leaves and flowers, some people shy away from winter walks. Yet nature still thrives this season, so look for wildlife and winter flowering plants. Walking without the distraction of cars and concrete is a great way to re-organise your mind and reduce stress.

2. Establish a relaxing ritual

If you’ve got even one minute going spare, then you’ve got time for a relaxing ritual. For rapid rebalancing, try aromatherapy rollers or even just lighting a candle and taking a deep breath. When you’ve got a little longer to invest, drizzle some essential oils into a hot bath and allow yourself to really unwind.

To bring re-balancing into your every day, create a face-care routine with nourishing rosehip- and sea buckthorn-based products. And to ease brain stress over the festive period, look to soothing scents like jasmine, vetiver and lavender.

3. Talk to a friend or loved one

“A problem shared is a problem halved”. So when the Christmas stress is really mounting up, reach out to someone you love — and offer to be there for them, too.

Speaking your worries out loud is often an instant stress reliever, as you talk through solutions and share the burden together.

Two girls managed stress by laughing in Christmas mood

4. Travel — at home

Are you yearning for escapism and a break from the norm? With limited travel options this winter, instead of stepping onto a plane, consider stepping into the kitchen. Arm yourself with recipes from your favourite countries or cultures — and don’t cut corners… make your own bread, whip up your own sauces, and savour the creativity.

If cooking is not your preferred pastime, then dive into documentaries from National Geographic or David Attenborough and immerse yourself in a colourful coral reef or glistening arctic forest. There’s nothing like the dulcet tones of David Attenborough to calm the mind!

5. Practice gentle indoor exercises

Exercise doesn’t have to be excessive or forceful. Tai Chi, yoga and even a simple stretching routine will nourish your body and mind — increasing blood flow and improving physical/mental flexibility.

Consider creating a special place for you to practice these exercises. Place candles, pillows and plants nearby to help ease your mind even more.

6. Embrace your inner child

Remember when you weren’t overwhelmed? Tap back into your childhood interests — rediscover an old hobby, dress up, sing, doodle. Allow your unedited creativity to run wild and your inner mind will thank you for it.

Young child being relaxed in the park during Christmas Holidays

7. Hide the scales

Christmas is always a time of indulgence, there’s just no hiding from it. So why not hide the scales, instead? True, overdoing it on unhealthy food will leave you feeling sluggish, but if you’re taking regular walks and dancing in the kitchen while you bake, you’ll be burning off those extra calories anyway!

Promote your well-being over weight-watching, all year round.

8. Take a moment to reflect

It can be difficult to ‘switch off’ after being ‘on’ for so long, but with your email inbox closed and your phone on silent mode, sit down to reflect on how far you’ve come this year.

It won’t always have been easy — 2021’s thrown its own set of challenges our way — but you deserve some serious self-gratitude, and as 2021 turns into 2022, it’s the best time to give it yourself.

Have a very merry, stress-free Christmas

Knowing how to manage stress is one of the best ways to care for your well-being — and, hopefully, this article helps. But if you still find yourself battling changeable emotions this winter, take a look at our guide: 5 natural remedies for mood swings in women.

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