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What You Really Need for a Successful Night Time Skincare Routine

What You Really Need for a Successful Night Time Skincare Routine

Have you ever been too tired and gone to bed without washing the day off? A simple and solid night time skincare routine is a ritual that we often tend to skip or underrate. We have a tendency to put all of our skincare efforts into the morning with a thousand-steps to prep our skin, but in the evening, we are simply too lazy or forget. What you need to know is that: a quick and consistent night time skincare routine helps repair and hydrate your skin, making you look and feel fresher, firmer, and vibrant.

skincare routine introduction

‘Less is More’ in Night Time Skincare Routine

Being constant in your night time skincare routine is even more important than the number or quality of treatments you use. There is no magic product or formulation that can make your skin look firm and plump if applied sporadically. Consistency is key when it comes to skincare, so being realistic when planning a night time skincare routine is essential. Based on the time you are willing to allocate and skin concerns be precise and selective with the products you use for your night time skincare routine.

Here are our essential steps to include in your night time skincare routine, helping your skin feel healthy and nourished. 

1.     Remove your makeup 

During the day, our skin accumulates a lot of gunk and impurities from pollution, cosmetic products, sweat, and more. Especially, when wearing makeup your skin is exposed to more dirt and germs, that we certainly do not want to go to bed with! Properly removing your makeup at the end of the day is the first step to cleansing in every night time skincare routine. There are so many different ways to remove your makeup, from wipes and cream cleansers to more sustainable options such as reusable cloths.

remove makeup

2.     Wash and cleanse your face  

Once you have removed your makeup, it’s time for your good old cleanse! Wash your face with water and a good quality cleanser to provide ideal protection and hydration. Look for products with natural and active ingredients such as silk. The two key proteins in silk, sericin and fibroin, provide a perfect lather to repair skin cells, while protecting and nourishing.  

3.     Toner 

After a good double-cleanse, apply toner to rebalance the PH levels of the skin and remove excess impurities. Toner is an important step you must not skip when preparing your skin to absorb all the goodness of your following products. Cooling, protective, and antioxidant ingredients are what to look for when choosing a toner to help prevent skin cell damage and support their regeneration.  

4.     Serum 

Now that your skin is completely clean, it’s time to absorb all of the nutrients, and there is nothing better than a nutrient-rich serum. Face serum is thin in consistency but highly-concentrated. Formulated to be nutrient dense, serum help provide deep nourishment to all skin layers due to its thin consistency and ingredients.  

For this product really pay attention to the ingredients of your selection, as you want to give your skin good ‘food’ and targeted treatment depending on your skin’s needs. Look for serums with hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin and make it look firmer, Vitamin A, C, and E for a boost of essential nutrients and antioxidants. Some healing plants and active stem cells like ginseng, echinacea, and gardenia are also great natural ingredients to stimulate collagen and help treat skin concerns such as anti-aging or acne prevention.

Serum for Night time Skincare

5.     Moisturize  

Especially for evening skincare, moisturizing the skin is a key step to glowing skin texture and hydration. Thicker in consistency, moisturizer helps create a physical barrier to the top layer of the skin locking in hydration and preventing skin from drying out through the night. Don’t worry about the extra thick layer of cream as it will be fully absorbed by the morning leaving your skin looking fresh, smooth, and hydrated; ready to face a new day! We recommend opting for moisturisers with restorative, soothing, and nourishing ingredients like cocoa or shae butter, wild indigo, azelaic, and moringa

face moisturise

A simple 5 step night time skincare routine may look like a long process, but it should take less than 10 minutes and is a skin essential. The ingredients of your skincare products will perform best while absorbing, restoring, and nourishing all night, every night. Therefore, being consistent in your night time skincare routine is key, as well as selecting good quality products with active ingredients to benefit the health of your skin. That being said we must not forget to protect our skin during the day against natural factors such as the sun, wind, pollution, and stress. Discover how ilapothecary products can help.

So…are you still sure that you want to skip out on your night time skincare routine?

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