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Beat The Blues Psychologies Award

Beat The Blues Psychologies Award

‘Spritzing’ the good news: ilapothecary’s Beat The Blues Room Spray’ Wins Psychologies 2018 #realnatural awards

This month we are thrilled to share with you that our bestselling ‘Remedy no.27 Beat the Blues Room Spray’ won the ‘Best Natural Room Spray’ category for ‘Psychologies Real Natural Beauty & Wellbeing Awards 2018’.

This is epic news as this is no ordinary beauty award. Psychologies is the UK’s best-selling mindful living magazine and is recognised for hosting the most stringent beauty awards in the country – winners are selected by a panel of industry experts who know clean beauty inside and out. 

Brands considered for these awards have to be high-performance, promote self-confidence, positive body image, and support diversity and sustainability.

This is ilapothecary in a nutshell! We offer a cutting-edge synergy of naturopathy, homeopathy, herbology & phyto-actives.

Products are infused with powerful remedial ingredients to counteract the stresses of modern living, environmental and digital pollution, mental stress and body fatigue.

ilapothecary products nurture mind, body, skin and soul; to strengthen, balance, hydrate & heal.
There’s no doubt that the clean-beauty revolution has arrived. Natural beauty products have now taken centre stage in the burgeoning personal care industry. 

As in the words of Psychologie’s Emine Rushton: ‘For the first time, almost all of the beauty giants are paying attention’.

In celebration of this award, with every Beat The Blues Spray, you receive our organic canvas bag for free! (offer ends 02.11.2018 whilst stock lasts).

4 Benefits Of Remedy No. 27 Beat The Blues Room Spray’

#1 It’s The Purest Air Freshener

Our lungs are like a filter and work 24/7 to breathe clean air in out of our body.

This is why it’s important to limit the amount of chemicals inside your home (there’s enough toxic fumes outside to inhale).

Stay away from chemical air fresheners that are believed to trigger respiratory problems and can cause damage to our lungs.

When you use ‘Beat the Blues Room Spray’ you are only spraying organic essential oils inside your home – it’s safe, pure and natural for the whole family.

#2 It’s A Big Mood Booster

Did you know that 75% of our emotions can be triggered by what we smell?

Studies show that through inhalation, essential oils have an instant effect on the limbic system of our brain, the area that influences our emotions and memory.

Our ‘Beat the Blues Room Spray’ is made from essential oils known to combat depression and trigger ‘happy hormone’ endorphins.

Key essential oils include Clary Sage, regarded as ‘the oil of happiness’ and Petitgrain that is used to release negative emotions and envelop you in a mist of calm.

#3 It is safe to use anywhere, anytime

Are there corners of your house that feel negative or stagnate?

From your bedroom to the bathroom, the car and even at work, one of the benefits of this joyous blend is that you can spray this anywhere, anytime. It’s also multi-functional and multi-generational. 

The organic aromatherapy oils in this product are specifically blended to help clear the energy and transform your space into an aura of peace and positivity.

You can even spritz this around your curtains and pillows, in your drawers and on your clothing.  

Clear the atmosphere, uplift your emotions and beat those blues away!

#4 It Is based on the universal language of numbers

The entire Ilapothecary range is founded on numerology – the understanding that every number has its own vibration.

Every ilapothecary creations matches a parallel purpose – it’s deep!  We selected the number 27 for our ‘Beat the Blues Room Spray’ as this powerful number relates to listening to our intuition and believing in ourselves.

The number 27 is also thought to be the most humanitarian of all numbers and is deeply rooted in compassion and empathy. ‘Beat the Blues Room Spray’ is peace in a bottle all the way!

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