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3 tips to prepare your skin for summer

3 tips to prepare your skin for summer

After a long old year of Covid and national lockdown, many of us this summer cannot wait for restrictions to ease so we have the chance to travel or spend time with friends and family again. How long was it since you were able to put on your favourite bikini, sip a mojito, while walking barefoot on the beach or enjoy picnics with friends in the sun! At ilapothecary, we want to insure you are fully prepared to face the sunny season so you can feel confident with your skin on show wherever you may be. You may have organised your summer wardrobe, but have you properly prepared your skin for summer? If you are unsure about this yet, we are here to help by sharing our top 3 tips to prepare your skin for summer weather! 

Why is it important to prepare your skin for summer? 

Long hours spent in the sun or excessive air conditioning exposure can affect our skin’s moisture, causing it to become dry and lacklustre. Moreover, during winter we often become lazy when it comes to taking care of our skin. We wear long trousers, hoodies, and socks, which combined with cold weather, can affect our skin negatively. It is particularly important to prepare your skin for summer especially if you are after an even tan. Removing dead skin cells and nourishing your skin is essential to ensure vibrant and glowing limbs for the new season. Think about it, it is like changing the seasonal wardrobe; would you go to the beach in winter clothes?   

1.    Exfoliate to renovate! 

Are you dreaming of the perfect  even tan this summer? Make sure you exfoliate properly before exposing yourself to the sun. Exfoliation is a key step in every skincare routine as it provides several benefits to our skin. It helps to unclog pores and remove dead and flaky skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Moreover, it facilitates the absorption of other skincare products which will allow you to see better results. Our recommendation is to use the Quiet Start Body Scrub for a couple of weeks before going on holiday, giving you a deep exfoliation. Whist on holiday, apply the Face-The-Day Exfoliating Body Wash for a gentler exfoliation, without affecting your glowing tan! For more information about the benefits of exfoliation, check out ‘Body Care Routine for Glowy Skin’. 

Quiet body scrub to exfoliate your skin in the summer

2.    Hydrate your skin! 

This is a must to properly prepare your skin for summer. It is not by chance that ‘drink water’ is the most frequently heard tip when talking about self-care and well-being. This is because proper hydration is key for the functioning of our body, but also for vibrant and healthy skin. While drinking water is very important, we should remember to nourish our skin from the outside, too. Swap out your thick moisturiser for a lighter one during summer to make you feel fresh and hydrated. The Keep Calm Hand & Body Lotion is a light, moisturising, and soothing body lotion to apply after showering or bathing for complete nourishment, and soft and beautifully scented skin. If you would like to take it with you while on holiday, find its Deluxe Travel Size in our #GetStarted set which also includes our Beat the Blues Room Spray 15ml and Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak 40gr. 

3.    Boost blood circulation with regular massages 

During summer, we tend to retain more liquid  as a result of our hormones shifting and the warm weather. This can cause water retention and affect the way our skin looks. Boosting blood circulation can help us feel lighter and make our skin look firmer. In addition to regular exercise, a healthy diet and good quality sleep, massages can help reduce fluid retention and improve the way our skin appears and feels. Massages must be combined with a healthy and balanced lifestyle in order to work. Try incorporating circular massage motions around your legs, hips, and lower abdominal while applying your daily body lotion for 5 minutes. Then, elevate your legs and place a pillow under your head. Stay in this position for about 10/15 minutes. We recommend being consistent with this practice. For a real treat, book weekly professional massages with a therapist, who will not only help you prepare your skin for summer, but also relax your mind and body. 

All our above recommendations are to prepare the skin before you are in the sun! As we all know SPF protection is essential – keen in tune for our next summer blogs; our guide of what to use while in the sun and after.

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