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10 Hair Care Tips For Summer

10 Hair Care Tips For Summer

It’s summertime, and while that comes with the promise of beach breezes, sun kissed skin and the sense of freedom, for most of us there is the common concern for our skin and our hair.

There is no doubt that the summer months are intended for fun, yet how do we ensure to maintain healthy skin and hair through the challenges of climatic impact that sun, sand, salt air, sea and pools can have.

Effortless looking hair is not always easy, some of us do not emerge from the water with sleek tresses that dry to a tousled golden mane.

Follow these 10 tips for all hair types to ensure you are taking care of your hair while enjoy your time in the sun.

#1 Lock in the protection

The sun’s rays can literally fry your hair and scalp, roots and ends become dry while the main body of the hair can seem contrary to control, sleek hair frizzes out and curls go limp.

To counter this the first step is to protect. Select a leave-in protection product such as the ilapothecary Reset Vitamin A Face Serum that works equally on the hair shaft to maintain moisture and vitality.

Work a small amount into the palm of your hands and massage into the ends of your hair. Now gather a variety of head scarves, hats and exotic turbans to enhance your style in the sun.

#2 Hair hydration

Achieve a healthy glow through your hair by using hydration mists and natural blend spritzers to keep your hair at its optimal best throughout your day, from gym, to beach to sundowner bar.

Carry a convenient non-aerosol mist like ilapothecary’s 50ml Digital Face Mist with soothing amethyst and Vitamin B12 at the ready. Use liberally throughout your day. 

#3 Beat the barometer

Taking care of your hair in humid conditions is important, as while the atmosphere may feel moist your hair could be fritzing out.

This is caused by hydrogen bonds forming between water molecules in the air and the proteins in your hair and this triggers the potential for curls and frizz.

Hair’s chemical structure makes it unusually susceptible to changes in the amount of hydrogen present in the air, which is directly linked to humidity and explains why from one day to the next, seemingly without reason, your mane goes from manageable to manic.

#4 Stay golden

Hair can discolour in the sun, not just highlighted or coloured hair either, so you need to switch up your hair cleansing products for the summer.

In the same way you use seasonally suitable facial products you can opt for summer shampoos and conditioners to combat, not just the effects of the sun, but the increase in pollens, dust and other warm weather pollutants including sand and smoke.

Using a natural cleansing shampoo, followed by a gentle conditioner. Add a regular hair masque and you can keep your hair happy all summer long.

#5 Lapping it up

Whether you are a poolside party person or a lap swimmer don’t let the effects of chlorinated or salt water pools change the colour of your hair. 

Colour corrective shampoos can work to tone down the brassiness in darker shades while chamomiles, lavender and silver toner shampoos reduce the seaweed tinges on blondes and greys.

If you feel your hair is particularly at risk, enhanced blonde for example, why not tie your hair in a top knot bun with some oriental silk or rock a glam 1940’s style swimming cap.

#6 Surviving the surf

It’s nice to think that salt water is our hair’s  only problem in the ocean, sadly the effect on the hair dries up the shaft making it susceptible to absorbing a lot of the ocean pollutants.

Residues and oils that float on the surface of the water can coat the hair which is why a good product is best used before and after entering the water.

It doesn’t matter how clean that water looks it can still cause your hair stress, so, to get the most out of the ocean, go in protected and prepared.

#7 Revive and survive

Schedules, travels and commitments in summer often mean we do not have the ‘me time’ to spend on our personal care routines so you need to come up with quick fixes and overnight remedies to keep your hair at its absolute best. 

Try to include a once a week revival routine for your hair, find an extra thirty minutes to treat your hair to some tender loving care.

After conditioning and rinsing in cool water only, finger dry your hair gently and tease out tangles with a touch of ilapocathery’s Vitamin A,C,D and E Rich Face Oil your hair will relax and revive. 

#8 Soothe the scalp

Extreme changes in temperature, travel on planes, stress and even new foods  can create circumstances that stress your scalp. It is very important if your scalp does become dry under the sun not to press the panic button.

Increased dryness does not mean reaching for the anti- dandruff shampoos, which will only cause further irritation, instead try ilapothecary’s Head Space Shampoo that cools with Mint and heals with Lavender. 

Sun exposure decreases the natural oils in our scalp and chemically treating the result is only going to bring more harm, instead use natural products that have an oil base and start with a scalp massage to stimulate the natural production of healthy sebum and be careful to protect your scalp, especially around partings and hairlines from the direct heat of the sun.

Avoid hats or caps with tight bands, always tie hair with coated bands and keep any ponytails or buns loosely in place with clips rather than elastics at this time of year.

#9 Keeping it real with natural styles

Prepare your hair for your holiday: work with natural styles to minimise the fuss, cut down the rush and let your hair be as relaxed as you are on vacation.

Don’t leave this to the last minute, if you feel you can not live without the blow dryer, the big brush, the straightner or the hold start your let go program at least two weeks prior to departure, put time into finding the loose and easy ways for your hair to holiday along with you.

Try side parts, a side braid, a sleek and soft single pony or a loose flow bun with flattering tendrils.

#10 Taking the plunge – trims and cuts

It can be a bold move to change styles, especially if you are trading braids for a bob. Holidays are all about making a change and getting used to a significant shift in style can be easily accomplished especially when you will return refreshed, revitalised and renewed.

Lifting of the layers of longer hair may have been just what you needed to bring a whole new lightness into your life.

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