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Holistic Consultation

The ilapothecary Holistic Discovery Consultation was created after a lot of research and collaboration with both medicine and holistic experts.

You’ll be required to fill in a questionnaire, and your holistic charts of that moment in time will be created. Aneta Beasly will then analyse and describe the chart during the 20’ consultation. The consultation will include holistic lifestyle recommendations in accordance with your chart, along with the possibility of certain ilapothecary product recommendations with a specific purpose in mind.

Holistic medicine sees a person as an active network of pathways between body, mind, tissues, organs and bodily systems that work closely and influence each other constantly. Understanding the current balance of your body and its needs, is very important in order to maintain a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy life.

Aneta Beasly will be offering personalised recommendations such as, lifestyle adjustments, detoxification or exercise practices, as well as breathing and mindfulness techniques.

This consultation is so useful to everyone, for an overview of the current status of our own body and mind. You will receive your chart on pdf which you can keep and compare, sometime after your lifestyle adjustments. It is so interesting to see the progress of your body and mind, after just a few changes to our habits.

Moreover, Aneta Beasly has worked on a wide range of issues which she could tap on, during the consultation, if they arise on the charts.

Booking Method:

  1. Purchase a consultation using the below calendar
  2. A questionnaire will be sent for you to fill in and to send back to Aneta before the date of the consultation or at least 2 hours before (So, please make sure that the consultation date you choose is suitable and gives you enough time to fill in the questionnaire in advance)
  3. Aneta will study it and share the findings and recommendations during the consultation

(If you do require a longer consultation please let us know and we can find a way to accommodate accordingly). 

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