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Digestion Restoration

Digestion restoration massage on the tummy

Traditional systems of medicine tell us that the abdomen is the powerhouse of the body and that all ailments result from an imbalance in the abdominal area.

80% of our immune system originates in the gut, and many modern day ailments can be helped and often cured through the digestive system.

This abdominal treatment will work to detoxify the digestive system, relax the diaphragm and stimulate the vagus nerve. As the main nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system – it controls sleep, repair and digestion.

We use a warmed castor oil packing system after the abdominal massage with extracts of Liquorice, Pfaffia and Juniper berry to stimulate, detoxify and strengthen.

Try this treatment for any abdominal issues such as:
3.irregular or painful menstrual cycles.
5.lower back pain
6.low energy levels in the body’s vital organs Includes: stomach and feet 

  • 45 Minutes - £90
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