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6 Winter Skin Care Tips

6 Winter Skin Care Tips

Dry facial skin? cracked lips? tight skin? These are just some of the signs of winter and how the cold weather can affect us. During the winter, we sometimes tend to not give the same importance to our skin care routine, as we do in the summer; where our instinct drives us to protect our skin from the sun adding more steps to our daily care.  But is your skin happy with this? It is so important to take care of your skin also during the cold seasons, thus we have listed 6 winter skin care tips for you, here is the why and the how! 

Why it is important to follow these winter skin care tips during winter 

Humidity levels, wind, low temperatures, and other weather factors can have a big impact to our skin, causing dryness, cracking, redness, and, in some extreme cases, bleeding. Another factor that can damage our skin is the temperature change between indoors, which is warm and dry, and outdoors, which is cold and gusty. Those living in urban areas must also contend with poor air-quality and pollution. The latter can cause both short and long-term skin issues, from simple blushing to increases in sensitivity and premature aging. Therefore, maintaining a regular skin care routine is very important no matter the season. 

1. Choose the right cleanser 

Choosing the right facial cleanser, whilst keeping in mind that our skin’s needs may change over the year, is crucial to protect our skin barriers. In fact, it is possible that a product that works well for our skin in summer may not work the same in winter and vice versa. Foaming and gel cleansers usually work better for people with oily skin, while the oil and cream-based ones are more suitable for those with dry skin. Our Soothing Silk Cleanser is ideal for dry skin thanks to the active silk amino acids that help speed up the rate of cellular regeneration and deeply hydrate the skin; perfect for achieving radiant skin during winter!

2. Keep your skin Hydrated 

Make sure to apply daily moisturiser and consider using a vitamin rich oil or serum to prevent premature skin aging and pigmentation. We recommend using our Keep Calm Hand & Body Lotion to soften and deeply nourish the skin after taking a warm bath or shower. For the face, use our Vitamin Rich A, C, D & E Face Oil which will help soothe and calm your face and neck, especially during periods of seasonal transition. Dry and cracked lips are also very common during winter as we should not forget to keep them hydrated. Our Express Lip Balm provides ideal moisture while protecting the skin thanks to its active ingredients like Murumuru butter and Rosehip Seed Oil. 

3. Don’t forget to exfoliate! 

During winter our skin cells dehydrate and die faster due to the temperature swings between the outdoor cold and indoor heat. For this reason, exfoliating the skin two to three times a week helps to restore new and healthy skin cells whilst getting rid of the dead ones. Our Face-The-Day Exfoliating Body Wash cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it smooth and glowing; perfect for multitaskers!  

4. Sun cream is not only for summer! 

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen is as important in winter as summer. In fact, UVA levels are still significantly present and can affect our skin. The Skin Cancer Foundation suggests applying at least SPF15 for everyday use and SPF30 for extended time outside. 

5. Take a restoring bath 

Other than being a great way of switching off and relaxing, baths are an opportunity to nourish and restore our skin. Thanks to the combination of Amethyst and Benzoin, our Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak will help soothe inflamed skin and stimulate regeneration while calming the mind. After taking a restorative bath, we recommend rubbing our SOS Body Balm all over the body to deeply nourish and soothe the skin. 

 6. Drink Water 

Don’t let the cold stop you from drinking your water! Try to drink at least 8 cups of water per day to help get rid of the toxins in your body and keep yourself hydrated is one of the most simple skin care tips for winter, but an important one. Sip your water slowly throughout the entire day and help yourself to warming herbal teas!

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