The Vanity Fair Brand-Aid Raffle

We are proud to collaborate with Vanity Fair’s Brand-Aid Raffle. All proceeds will be given to the NHS. The UK has never needed our NHS more than it does today. NHS doctors, nurses, staff are literally our country’s heroes; let us all give back and support the NHS! Tickets are £10, giving the chance to win an amazingly curated selection of brands and products, moreover any reader donating above £50, to a complementary digital summer subscription of Vanity Fair.

Get your Vanity Fair Brand-Aid Raffle ticket and support the NHS:

The ilapothecary brand prize is the #StayHomeGiftSet :

Beat the Blues Pulse Point

Ideal for the very moment as it contains an alchemical blend of oils, that are known to combat depression and to uplift emotions. Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) importantly is one of the key oils aromatherapists use to boost the immune system. Its antiseptic qualities are known to prevent infection, and its nervine effects are known to help strengthen and tone the nerves and nervous system. This Beat the Blues pulse point (and Beat the Blues range) help nourish the soul, dispel negative thoughts and emotions and can help you get through these challenging and difficult circumstances.

Digital Face mist

Hooked on our screens now more than ever to meet our loved ones, work, exercise, socialise! #ilapothecary Digital Face Mist is a vitamin and antioxidant enlivening remedial facial spritz which reboots both your skin and mind. Contains anti-viral properties, B12 vitamin, it is antioxidant and helps treat skin screen inflammation. Active Soy Extract is known to protect from screen effects and Amethyst believed to heal the aura. #StayHome enjoy this wonder face spritz and support yourself against digital pollution

SOS Body Balm

Our award-winning SOS Body Balm is a powerful, divine-smelling herbal balm which soothes and calms dry skin, hydrates and deeply moisturises. This balm can also help relieve aching muscles, swollen joints and bruises. Hand made in the UK, it is a beautiful blend of Arnica, essential oils, including Blue camomile; which is a known anti-inflammatory & can help to calm and ease tension, Rose, sweetened with Vanilla – the delicious aromatherapy scent helps balance the mood for those feeling weary.