Choose to Gift ‘Care’ This Year! With uplifting holiday gifts for all your loved ones under £100 

This Christmas and Holiday season, express how deeply you care for your loved ones with meaningful gifts that not only nourish and relieve, but also help uplift mood and boost emotional well-being.  

Our British, award-winning and functional beauty products are 100% natural (with undiluted and pioneering blends of Powerful Remedial Ingredients), that help support the busy person from urban stressors by creating a transformative healing sanctuary.  

Discover the festive collection of curated premium gift boxes, pouches, and stocking stuffers for all those special people in your life, including yourself. Let’s start the New Year uplifted and happy with the power of nature.  

For a good night’s sleep 

A lot of us struggle with sleep, as it is sometimes neglected. In fact, getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining your wellbeing, as much as regular exercise and eating a balanced diet. A good night’s sleep helps support brain function, as well as improve physical health.  

Show how much you care with this relaxing and indulgent gift set containing everything needed to ease nervous tension and help promote the deepest sleep.  

#DEEP SLEEP (SOS Pearl Drops 15ml, Calm Butterfly’s Soothing Balm 50gr, Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak 40gr) £52

Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak unwinds and relaxes tired muscles, whilst SOS Pearl Drops under the tongue will help to ease anxiety and calm the mind, and Calm Butterfly Soothing Balm helps ease headaches and nourish the skin. 

For the skincare lover 

Give your skin some tender love and care with this hormonal balancing, anti-inflammatory and nourishing skin set, because skincare is self-care. This is a great gift for anyone who just wants to pamper their skin after a long day at work, teenagers struggling with their skin due to changing hormones, or even a great starter kit to get your boyfriend into a daily skincare routine.  

#FRESH FACE (Save Face Serum 50ml, Fresh Faced Mud Cleanser 50ml) £66 

A powerful detoxing duo of Fresh Mud Cleanser combines vitamin-rich mud, healing amethyst, and adaptogens while Save Face Serum, a wonder blend of stem cells, hyaluronic acid, and gemstones deeply hydrates and radiates inflamed skin.   

For that special lady

Being a woman means being able to be powerful and assertive, strong-willed, compassionate, fragile, and fierce. As women and during all stages of life, we experience hormonal changes constantly. Whether that special lady is a teen who just got their period, someone dealing with monthly menstrual cycles, a new mother, or going through menopause; this hormonal balancing and luxuriously pampering gift will be greatly appreciated.  

#INNER BALANCE (Feminine Happy Oil 100ml, Warming Anti-Breakout Face Mask 50gr, Speak Your Truth Aroma Roller 10ml) £89 

This set is full of feminine goodness including our best-selling Feminine Happy Oil, a hormone and mood-balancing blend of essential oils and adaptogen herbs Maca and Pfaffia Paniculata (Brazilian Ginseng). Warming Anti-Breakout Face Mask, a rejuvenating black mud blend to help promote healthy and vibrant skin, and lastly, our Speak Your Truth Aroma Roller. This is a pulse point that helps ground and center oneself thanks to the combination of the mothers of aromatherapy Rose and Sandalwood. 

For the workaholics 

We all have a person in our lives, even if it is ourselves, that is a workaholic. Help combat stress and promote feelings of happiness with the iconic, therapeutic, and uplifting Beat the Blues range. Blended with transformative remedial ingredients such as Clary Sage, which is known as one of nature’s ‘happiness inducing’ oils that helps boost self-esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength. Petitgrain, known to be releasing and self-accepting…and perfectly combined with heart opening and uplifting Tuberose and balancing Geranium. This is also a great gift for anyone who loves aromatherapy to bring on all the good vibes and positive energy!

#BEAT THE BLUES (Beat the Blues Room Spray 50ml, Beat the Blues Shower & Body Oil 150ml, Beat the Blues Pulse Point 10ml) £79 

Enjoy this deliciously uplifting collection to clear an atmosphere with the Beat the Blues Room Spray, boost self-esteem and bathing experience with the Shower and Bath Oil, and ease frustration with a mood-enhancing ‘on the go’ Pulse Point

For the home 

A peaceful home setting can create a greater sense of well-being. Humans have used aromatherapy for thousands of years, with proven physical and psychological benefits. Discover the benefits of aromatic essential oils in our famous Beat the Blues range. This is a perfect gift for all your loved ones at any age, turns every home office and living space into an uplifting sanctuary of calm.   

#BEAT THE BLUES HOME (Beat the Blues Room Spray 50ml, Beat the Blues Candle 30cl) £78 

The sheer act of lighting a candle, its lovely flicker, and the gentle glow it creates all help to ease and soothe the mind. Light the Beat the Blues Candle, spritz  Beat the Blues Room Spray in the air and allow the uplifting aroma to fill your space and help vanquish negative and stressful energy. 

For the bath lover 

During the holidays we have shorter days, cooler weather, and longer nights which are fantastic conditions for someone who loves to decompress from a long day in a relaxing bath time ritual. Wait until they get their hands on this set combining our two best-selling products. This is the ultimate relaxing experience to gift someone special in your life. 

#DEEP RELAX (Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak 400gr, SOS Body Balm 100gr) £89 

All you need is to draw a warm bath and let our Magnesium and Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak do the rest of the work with the help of crushed gemstones such as Amethyst, Magnesium, and Benzoin oil which helps targets your adrenal functions and washes away anxiety. After your peaceful soak, lather your body in our award-winning SOS Body Balm, a true miracle herbal balm. This balm helps with all forms of inflammation from sore muscles to sprains, bruises, and dry skin; thanks to herbal anti-inflammatories such as Arnica, Blue Chamomile, Calendula, and Boswellia.  

Stocking Fillers & Secret Santa 

They may be small, but their worth is mighty. Our most celebrated items are ideal for stocking fillers and Secret Santa gifting, in perfectly wrapped and luxurious gift boxes. 

#INNER TRUTH (Speak Your Truth Aroma Roller) £28 

A delightful pulse point,  Speak your Truth aroma roller has a rich, grounding scent which combines the ‘Mothers of Aromatherapy’ – Rose and Sandalwood with a hint of sweet, uplifting Vanilla – the resulting scent is harmonising and sensuous. 

#SOOTHING TOUCH (Smelling of Roses Hand Cream) £18 

A welcome addition to any stocking, beautifully fragrant and soothing, Smelling of Roses hand cream is lightweight and ultra-nourishing with hyaluronic acid.  

#GLOW FACE (Vitamin Rich ACDE Face Oil) £42 

Packed full of clever nutrient-rich oils such as Arnica, Rosehip, and Blue Chamomile, Vitamin A, C, D, & E Rich Face Oil feeds, nourishes and balances dry and dull winter skin.

Discover the full holiday range of gift sets here

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