The Ancient Egyptians were the first experts in skincare, and exfoliation was high on their priorities to maintain radiance, smooth texture and beauty on both the face and the body.

The process of exfoliation has the benefit of renewing skin cells and stimulating the production of natural collagen, as well as removing the surface layers of ‘dead’ skin from the face, in a gentle manner, and rough spots on the hands and feet. The result is the improvement of all-round skin texture on the body.

In today’s climate where invisible micro pollutants and controlled temperature environments create stress for our skin exfoliation has never been more necessary.

With ilapothecary’s range of natural organic skin care, exfoliation has never been more easy, enriching and effective.

How and when should I exfoliate?

As our skin is our most delicate organ, ilapothecary have created a range of nurturing exfoliation treatments that revive and renew the skin daily, or can be used at that moment of perfect downtime when you nurture your whole self.

Here we offer you a perfect scenario through our range of organic, natural skin care products that meets the unique needs of your skin and your lifestyle.


Our Powerful Purifying Face Scrub, with natural essences of Plum and Garnet, Patchouli and Petigrain, can be used twice a week to increase the suppleness of skin and improve on skin conditions that present in changes of season or location.

This gentle organic scrub becomes essential if you are travelling between climates, taking time out on vacation and dealing with the letting go of life stressors, which can at times become visible on the skin.

On the Go

There’s no need to make lengthy spa appointments to get your body skin tone into top condition. In our natural skin care range we have created a Face The Day Exfoliating Body Wash to bring you rapid results in cleansing and exfoliation.

Designed for the modern multi-tasker to use in the shower, this naturally derived product contains volcanic minerals to gently cleanse pores, polish the skin and deliver an uplifting of both body and mind with the inclusion of the essential oil of Petitgrain.

Pick Me Up

ilapothecary’s Quiet Start Body Scrub is a beautiful natural blend of ingredients designed to deliver richness and nurture.

Hydrate with the natural essence of Jasmine, soothe with the power of Pearl dust and renew your skin by soaking in the mineral benefits of Himalayan Salts, which gently alleviate any rough areas of skin, particularly around the heels and elbows.

In this angelic combination we deliver you the promise of feeling regenerated all over.

Power Remedies

Men perhaps more than women neglect the importance of facial exfoliation in their skin care regime, especially if they sport a moustache or a beard, and this oversight can lead to problems over time with skin beneath the hair becoming sensitive and clogged.

Our Beardy Balm, derived from nature’s bounty, contains the wonderful organic and calming oil Blue Chamomile, in combination with Murumuru Butter, a highly regarded natural stimulant of collagen.

Please browse our full ilapothecary range for more natural, organic face and body care remedies.

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