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Press Coverage

April 2019

Hello Magazine 

"The Duchess of Sussex explore alternative therapies as she prepares for the birth of her first child.

...A long time fan of alternative therapies and healthy living, Meghan, 37, spent two hours at the ilapothecary in London, an organic herbal wellness boutique which specialises in homeopathic treatments and natural healing."



Meghan Markle Uses This Ancient Herbal Practice for Clearer Skin and Better Health

"When wellness enthusiasts like Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman endorse a beauty brand, we take note. But, when there's a nod from a royal, you can bet your bee pollen that we're booking an appointment. Rumors swirled last week when Meghan Markle paid a secret visit to London-based wellness destination Ilapothecary, with the Prince in tow, and the internet went mad with speculation over what treatments the Duchess of Sussex could have booked."

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February 2019

Fashion Foie Gras

London, Get Ready For Ilapothecary

"Nearly a decade ago, I sat in a small room in a London women's club listening to a woman wax lyrical about the healing power of products made from all natural ingredients. She spoke of changing one's energy, in the power of supporting other women and about her vision for the future. Her brand, at that time, was relatively new. She was softly spoken, but truly passionate about her vision and her message was coming through loud and clear. She had a desire to effect change and every single one of us in the room knew it would happen. Nothing else seemed possible. It was the first time I remember realising the real power of a vision. This was my introduction to Denise Leicester and the brand ila. " Read more.

December 2019

ilapothecary Review The Spa Man

The Spa Man

Review: Ilapothecary, London

"ilapothecary is a delightful little store in London’s Notting Hill that promotes health, wellness and happiness.  A haven of peace, calm and tranquillity, you will find the full range of ilapothecary products, developed by the inspirational Denise Leicester as well as a concise menu of therapies for the mind, body and soul.

The shop is a little townhouse with retail area in the front and centre. Up a few steps and you enter the lounge space which is both the pre and post treatment area and doubles as a wellness workshop space".

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ilapothecary Byrdie Dec 2018


This Is How To Think Your Way To Better Skin

"Similarly, Denise Leicester, founder of Ila Apothecary and Soul Medicine music uses healing chants to bless the products. Providing a physical, mental and emotional sensory experience, visit the spa or their new London store in Notting Hill and before each treatment you take an online assessment during your consultation that assesses your mood and mental wellbeing.

Channelling Ayurvedic traditions, homoeopathy, aromatherapy, crystal healing and naturopathy, as well as bespoke treatments, they conjure up tailored teas and positivity prescriptions to rebalance and restore you from inside out."

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ilapothecary Red Magazine January 2019

Red Magazine

Sun, Sea & Sound

"Ila apothecary Rest And Replenish Wellness Retreat, Maldives

Attempting a triangle pose on the roof of a gently rocking Maldivian fishing boat at sunrise certainly focuses the mind."

ilapothecary The Glossary Winter 2018

The Glossary: London Style Guide

Cold Comfort

"Best New Beauty Openings And Spa Treatments Across The Capital This Winter

Ilapothecary - the diffusion line of organic beauty brand ila - has an ideology based on remedying our fast-paced modern lifestyle, with products formulated using British grown herbs, homeopathic ingredients, powerful gemstones and numerology."

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ilapothecary Evening Standard Dec 2018

Evening Standard

19 Ways To Treat Yourself This Christmas

"From blues-busting massages to digital detox workshops, ‘me’ time is the best Christmas gift. We round up the top treats in town.

1. ilapothecary Beat the Blues Back Massage

Who doesn’t want to find a cure for the January blues in their stocking? Kensington’s latest urban hideaway, ilapothecary, has a remedy in its Beat the Blues Back Massage. The treatment starts with a five-minute oxygen infusion — which combats pollution and clears your mind — before stiff necks and sore shoulders are pummelled into submission for a blissful 45 minutes. (£65, 99 Kensington Church Street, W8;".

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ilapothecary European Spa Magazine Dec 2018

European Spa Magazine

Organic ilapothecary steps on to the high street

"UK organic skin care brand ilapothecary has launched its debut store in Kensington, London, in a bid to complement its online offering.

Founded by ila spa creator Denise Leicester, the company's store is described as a wellbeing space where visitors can experience the full range of products and enjoy treatments and workshops designed to address the energetic and emotional needs of the modern day woman."

ilapothecary Hello Magazine Dec 2018

Hello! Magazine

Louise Loves: Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak

"This is good for your soul and your sleep. Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak, £35,"

November 2018

ilapothecary Telegraph Coverage 2018

The Telegraph

Tub Therapy: Why a long soak in the bath can wash away the blues

"Beneficial bathing salts calm the nervous system and boost our bodies from the inside out. In their natural form, they can contain many minerals, including magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. During a bath, warm water opens pores, allowing these nutrients to be absorbed and drawing out pollution, impurities, toxins and dirt."

If money is no object, it has to be a bottle of Ilapothecary Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak. A staying-in Friday or Saturday night treat, (£55 for 400ml,"

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ilapothecary covereage 40 Best Treatments For Women Over 40

The Telegraph

40 Best Beauty Tweakments For Over 40s

"9. Happy Hormone Equilibrium  at Ilapothecary,  £65

A back massage using shatavari, an Ayurvedic herb rich in plant oestrogens, and Rhodiola rosea (rose root), which helps to optimise serotonin and dopamine levels for better mood. Warm castor-oil packs are placed on the abdomen, helping to support  the kidneys and reproductive  system."

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ilapothecary Metro Online coverage 2018

Metro Online

Trends: Make like a celeb, hop in the tub and reap the health benefits

Heavenly Bath Salts

"ILA Apothecary’s heavenly-smelling blend contains amber juniper berry, benzoin, petitgrain and amethyst to create a peaceful bath soak that leaves you feeling boosted and calm. £55,"

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ilapothecary Luxury Briefing Nov 2018

Luxury Briefing: Beauty & Wellness

ilapothecary opens first boutique in London

"Founded by Denise Leicester, creator of award-winning skincare and spa brand ila Spa, ilapothecary announces the launch of its debut retail space in Kensington, providing a wellbeing space where visitors can experience the full range of products while enjoying treatments and various workshops. Formulations comprising the ilapothecary range include remedial ingredients such as herbs, powerful gemstones, live stem cells, silk, vitamins, aromatherapy oils and numerology."

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ilapothecary Forbes Press Coverage Nov 2018


Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The Best Natural Beauty Products

"Diffuser by Ilapothecary

Ilapothecary is the latest venture from Denise Leicester, the impressive creator of the cult beauty brand Ila. In fact, Denise has many accolades to her name, she is also a qualified nurse, aromatherapist, yoga teacher, sound healer, holistic bodyworker and spiritual philosopher. Packed with natural ingredients, what really sets this brand apart is its knowledge and use of British herbs."

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ilapothecary ES Magazine Press Coverage Nov 2018

ES Magazine

"We love ilapothecary products for their potent natural ingredients, great smells and focus on nurturing mind and soul, as well as skin."

October 2018

ilapothecary Tatler Online Press Coverage

Tatler Magazine

Ila Apothecary opens first London flagship

"When Ila founder Denise Leicester puts her mind to something, you can be sure it'll be rather special - and her new Ila Apothecary follows suit. The airy Kensington Church Street space is her first London outpost, and bears all the hallmarks of her gorgeous spas around the world (like deeply intuitive therapists and out-of-this-world treatments, which take place in a peaceful, screened-off room scented with sage)."

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ilapothecary Fighting Fifty Coverage November 2018

Fighting Fifty

ilapothecary opens London flagship store

"I visited the haven of tranquillity to review the ilapothecary Digital Detox Facial Treatment

Hello, I’m Tracey and I’m addicted to my iPhone. 

Not exactly my opening gambit when I met Denise Leicester, founder of skin care brands ila Spa and ilapothecary.  But, it was in my mind.  I was about to experience the Digital Detox Facial Therapy at the ilapothecary store.  It was a week after I downloaded new software to my phone, and Apple had introduced Screen Time.  I can’t be the only one who is alarmed at how much time we actually spend looking at our phones.  I haven’t ever been in denial but seeing the previous week I had spent 23 hours using my phone - practically one whole day - had shocked me and made me realise I need to make some changes."

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January 2018

ilapothecary Stylist Press Coverage


The wellness wonder: Ila Apothecary

"Ila Apothecary founder Denise Leicester is no stranger to the natural skincare world - her debut line, ila spa, has been loved by organic beauty aficionados for many years. Every product in this new venture places equal weight on soothing skin and soul, with British-grown botanical extracts designed to both calm the skin and quieten the mind. The collection is expansive, with remedies for face, body and hair as well as aromatherapeutic fragrances."

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ilapothecary House & Garden Press Coverage

House & Garden Magazine

“Ilapothecary giveaway-a-day”

ilapothecary Red Online Press Coverage January 2018

Red Magazine

10 Affordable Things To Buy This Week

"We all need an affordable treat from the high street once in a while, right? Enter our affordable shopping edit.

Despite our vigorous optimism and planning at the start of each month, payday still rolls around with our bank accounts looking decidedly emptier than we'd like. However, everyday stresses mean purchasing treats to perk ourselves up throughout the month is basically an essential ritual. And with the Bank Holiday weekend ahead of us, what better reason to shop!

So we've decided to scour the shopping universe to find the best quirky gifts you can buy yourself if you're in need of a little pick-me-up (without breaking the bank of course)."

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ilapothecary The Antidote Blog Press Coverage

The Antidote Blog by Suzanne Duckett

"Can a cleanser really make you feel less anxious?

Yes, if it’s ILApothecary Soothing Silk Cleanser with vetiver, known for its ability to calm and restore the nervous system. Many cleansers have a good smell, but the powerful effect of this one is right between the eyes.

Gorgeous smells and textures also crop up in the addictively soothing Light Your Fire candle with orange, lavender and blue camomile, and Keep Calm Hand & Body Lotion, light and soft with rose geranium, ylang ylang and petitgrain."

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ilapothecary Spa Business Press Coverage Jan 2018

Spa Business

ila expands product line with new apothecary range

"British organic skincare line ila has launched ila apothecary, a new retail line designed to provide remedies for modern life, and to nurture the energetic and emotional needs of today’s consumers.

The collection includes Anti-Panic Drops, SOS Body Balm, Mud Shave, Beat the Blues Room Spray and Feminine Happy Body Oil. Products come in a branded tote bag with a dedicated ritual".

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ialpothecary Spa & Wellness Magazine Press January 2018

World Spa & Wellness Magazine

"Natural and organic British skincare brand Ila has launched a new diffusion line, Ila Apothecary. The new line, so far only available as a retail collection, features an extensive 36 products.

Coming in at a slightly lower price point than the original Ila line, the range arrives in sleek black and white packaging that draws inspiration from the apothecary part of its name."

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ilapothecary World Spa & Wellness Press Jan 2018

World Spa & Wellness Magazine

“Natural and organics brand ilapothecary hosted a press lunch at the Hemsley & Hemsley café to celebrate the launch of its new diffusion line”.

ilapothecary Natural Health Press Jan 2018

Natural Health Magazine

“By serendipity, Denise’s new diffusion range, ilapothecary launched just as I moved in…”

ilapothecary Mayfair Times Press January 2018

Mayfair Times

“Denise Leicester, Founder of natural skincare brand ila, has identified the demand for men’s products…”

ilapothecary Conde Nast Traveller Press

Conde Nast Traveller

"The 5 Best New Travel Remedies: For anxiety: SOS Pearl Drops”

February 2018

ilapothecary Vogue Press Coverage Feb 2018


"I was given Ila Apothecary's SOS pearl drops by a girlfriend as an antidote to "fear, anxiety and restlessness" (just in case). I keep it my car for now but might double up for my handbag. Just a few drops under the tongue in times of need - poppy and passiflora and the alchemic promise of calm. A modern rescue remedy from the beloved British organic beauty brand with a mission to truly get under your skin."

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ilapothecary Womens Health Press Coverage Feb 2018

Women's Health


Ilapothecary Protective Aura Day Cream (£37,

Containing wild indigo, a medicinal herb that strengthens the immune system and fights infection, this deeply nourishing moisturiser also uses Moringa oil
to stabilise collagen and repair stress-damaged skin cells.”

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March 2018

ilapothecary Clean Beauty Co. Press Coverage

Clean Beauty Co.

Tried And Tested: 6 Best Natural Cleansers

"Ila Apothecary Soothing Silk Cleanser

Did it live up to the hype? In short, yes. I was really excited to trial this cleanser as my dry skin has been going a little wild with the mix of central heating and freezing temperatures. My skin visibly looked less inflamed after use and felt comfortable, nourished and balanced, the perfect start to any nighttime routine. Its only downfall is that it’s not nearly hefty enough to remove a full face of makeup, even with a double cleanse. However, that’s to be expected with a gentle cream cleanser, so I’d suggest reaching for a swipe of micellar water first to allow this silk cleanser to work magic on bare skin."

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ilapothecary Corporate Traveller Press

Corporate Traveller

5 Genius Traveller Hacks

“a spritz of Beat the Blues room spray in your hotel room will help boost self esteem, confidence and mental health”

ilapothecary InStyle Press Coverage


“Denise Leicester, Ila’s founder, has long been a sound therapy proponent..."

April 2018

ilapothecary Tatler Spa Guide Press Coverage

Tatler Spa Guide

"If relaxed were a scent, it would be this.”

ilapothecary Tatler Press Coverage April 2018


How to pick a smart country rental

“Finally, never underestimate the power of a pleasant-smelling room. An elegant diffuser, like Good Vibe Reeds from ila apothecary, £45, is a winner."

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ilapothecary Telegraph Magazine Press Coverage April 2018

The Telegraph Magazine

It's bath time

“… while ilapothecary’s Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak is the bliss factory."

ilapothecary A Life With Frills Press Coverage

A Life With Frills

“The ilapothecary Digital Face Mist* (£27 from ilapothecary) is what I’ve been keeping on hand right on my desk. It’s such a reviving face mist that’s perfect for when you’re starting to flag and get tired.”

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