International Healer, Denise Leicester has spent a lifetime exploring the dynamics of natural healing.

Denise’s journey in life has seen her take on numerous roles – a qualified nurse, aroma-therapist, yoga teacher, sound healer, holistic bodyworker and spiritual philosopher.

Inspired by Homeopathy, Herbology and Phyto-Activities Denise created the pioneering brand ‘ilapothecary’. The name ‘ilapothecary’ is inspired by the Hindu Goddess of Truth and the Sanskrit word for Earth – ‘ila’. Denise has expansive knowledge of both Eastern and Southern American healing traditions and as a result ilapothecary offers numerous spiritual healing therapies using specialised ilapothecary products.

Denise utilises her knowledge to apply the earth’s oldest resources and traditions in order to inspire mindfulness and quench the needs of the modern world. Ilapothecary products are created using ancient traditions and ethical processes – formulated with a blend of medicinal flowers, anti-inflammatories, stem cells, vitamins, homeopathic filaments and powerful gem stones. Each product is packed with goodness to help heal the users mind body and soul.

Drawing on her past experience Denise has mastered the proportions of Homeopathy, Herbology and Phyto-Actives to create Ilapothecary’s pioneering products that uplift and empower users and protects the mind, body and soul from the everyday urban stressors of modern life.

​These are products and treatments with a real purpose. We care as much about our emotional wellbeing and energetics as we do about appearances. Through our healing products, we hope to promote happiness, peace and balance.