Digital Detox Facial Therapy

We all have our own digital habits – whether it is an hour at a time or working all day long in front of a screen – we can feel the effects. These can include dry eyes, blurred vision, clenched jaw, fatigue, headaches, frustration, stiff necks, sore shoulders. Our digital detox facial treatment addresses these effects.

Concentrating on the head, eyes, jaw, neck, shoulders and hands, this restorative detox facial therapy aims to ease stresses and imbalances resulting from the frequent use of digital technology, environmental aggressors and city pollution.

The digital Detox Facial treatment uses ilapothecary’s Warming Anti-Breakout Face Mask to combat the harmful effects of blue light on the skin, Aura Day Cream to protect and Digital Face Mist to refresh and hydrate the skin.

This facial therapy can be tailored to individual skin types and personal needs.

Book now via email at: or in person by visiting our store at: 99 Kensington Church Street, Kensington, London W8 7LN.


  • 45 Minutes – £75
  • 60 Minutes – £95

Modern Remedies

  • Keep Calm Hand And Body Lotion

  • Protective Aura Day Cream

  • Hyaluronic Eye Serum

  • Digital Face Mist

  • Soothing Silk Cleanser

  • Reset Vitamin A Face Serum

  • Silk Supreme Toner

  • Fresh Faced Mud Cleanser