Everything you see around you is vibrating at a frequency, whether we hear it or not. Sound frequencies can affect us on a cellular level, influencing how we feel and function. Gong Bathing uses vibrational sound and frequency to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace and well being for better health. Essentially you go into a deep state of meditation and relaxation and then the real work begins while you get bathed in the gentle sound waves.

This is an effective therapy for anxiety and depression, self-control, opening and healing the heart, fatigue, boosting energy levels and the immune system, increasing vitality, processing difficult emotions, focussing on self-love and care.


Colour: Yellow 126.22Hz
Chakra: Solar plexus/Heart
Pitch: B
Rules: Leo
Character: Self

The Sun Gong is the heart of our Universe. It brings great energy and healing with its radiance and power. It purifies with its light and cuts through all negativity. From its tones all things are possible. Its sounds will take you safely beyond your minds limited comprehension to a place unimagined. The Sun (Leo) is our sovereign centre and the reason we are warm blooded is because our relationship to its energy throughout our evolutionary journey.


Join Hayley at ilapothecary London flagship store once a week for an intimate and relaxing Gong Bath experience in small group settings.

  • Tuesday at 6pm


Each session costs £25.
Please book via email 99kcs@ilapothecary.com or call us at 07342 168 395.
Places limited due to COVID safety guidelines.

Please note, these sessions are not suitable for you if you have epilepsy, are newly pregnant (first trimester), have a pacemaker or other metal implant, or suffer from a serious heart condition.