Ylang ylang is a sweet, soft and flowery oil that helps to create a feeling of peace and is known to help ‘dispel anger’, irritability and nervous tension. Known to be one of the ‘Angelic Fragrances’, it is believed to be soothing and to help protect from negativity. Helps to maintain the moisture and oil balance of the skin, keeping it hydrated and smooth.

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    • Waterless19
    • 100% Natural44
    • Vegan33
    • Vegetarian43
    • Gluten Free44
    • Nut Free22
    • Alcohol Free18
    • No Animal Testing44
    • Paraben Free44
    • Mineral Oil Free44
    • Petroleum Free44
    • No SLS & SLES44
    • No Synthetic Colours44
    • No MIT43
    • No Microbeads43
    15ml40ml50g70g10ml15 ml15 g20 ml30 g30 cl50 ml50 g100 g100 ml150 ml200 g200 ml400 g
  • Quiet Start Body Scrub