Arnica is known as the panacea for all kinds of inflammation. Arnica is a remedy for bruises, it helps to soothe tired aching muscles, as well as reduce swelling caused by sprains and other injuries. Also, good for soothing mosquito bite symptoms.

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    • Waterless21
    • 100% Natural47
    • Vegan35
    • Vegetarian44
    • Gluten Free47
    • Nut Free26
    • Alcohol Free19
    • No Animal Testing46
    • Paraben Free46
    • Mineral Oil Free45
    • Petroleum Free45
    • No SLS & SLES45
    • No Synthetic Colours45
    • No MIT44
    • No Microbeads44
    15ml40ml50g70g10ml15 ml15 g20 ml30 g30 cl50 ml50 g100 g100 ml150 ml200 g200 ml400 g
  • SOS Body Balm

  • Calm Butterfly’s Soothing Balm