We can’t believe it’s already mid-June! How time flies and before you know it, you’ve got Father’s Day around the corner.

‘Hear hear’, to the fledgling fathers with their screaming new-borns, the stay at home dads, the working dads, the CEO’s or small business owners, the grumpy dads, the enthusiastic dads, the hands-on dads, the new age dads, the old fashioned dads, the fun dads and the introvert dads, thank you all!! Today and always.

Sometimes fathers are not only those who are lucky enough to be connected to you by blood, but also those who have been there for you throughout the years, seeing you grow, enjoy the good times or hold you when in need for lifting, literally and figuratively; present for you always, no matter what.

Here is a curated list of fun Father’s Day activities to spend that quality time with your good ole dad or dads this weekend:

  1. Serve dad a stellar brunch! Get yourself (and any siblings) up at the crack of dawn and start the day with a table full of dad’s favourite recipes.
  2. Go for a hike, get in that much needed hour of exercise and explore! Enjoy the company and take in the views and the precious connection.
  3. Host a wine tasting. The ultimate treat a Father’s Day stay at home wine tasting. Complete a selection of the best wines with a spread of delicious cheese and grapes.
  4. Have a family game night. Whack out and dust off those old board games and let dad flaunt his more competitive side. If dad is more of a trivia, brain teaser kind of guy create your own questions and host a family trivia night!
  5. Host a family movie night! Gather your loved ones to celebrate dad and his favourite films! Don’t forget to get dads favourite drinks and snacks.

ilāpothecary was created to support the modern man and woman, therefore our Products with Purpose are ideal for all types of men and fathers!

For a sporty or overworked dad choose the Magnesium and Amethyst Bath Soak, which, is ideal to clear a busy mind and relax the muscles after engaging in athletics; heal the aura. Combine with the SOS Body Balm, perfect to help heal swelling or bruising from sports or simply soothe and relax the skin and calm the mind.

For businessmen or those of you who are constantly stuck in front of a screen, our Digital Face Mist is the perfect solution as it is an antioxidant remedial spritz that hydrates and helps protect the face from the digital effects; ideally combined with the Protective Aura Day Cream. For those who trade or in need for something to aid concentration or alleviate fear, the SOS Drops are sure to leave you feeling grounded and focused.

For those dads who simply wish to relax after a busy day in an ambiance of home comfort, our 100% Natural clean burning Light Your Fire Candle, is sure to do the trick as this naturally scented candle infused with essential oils, provides true home comfort and will help uplift the spirits.

Whatever your gift choice might be we’re sure to have something to strike your fancy.

Happy Father’s day to all different type dads, everywhere.

-The ilāpothecary Team


  • SOS Pearl Drops

  • SOS Body Balm

  • Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak

  • Protective Aura Day Cream

  • Digital Face Mist

  • Light Your Fire Candle


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